Motorvation - A FinalGear TV show about cars and people who own them


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Jan 14, 2007
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Greetings one and all!

Welcome to the discussion thread about a brand new show on the FinalGear TV channel, Motorvation (don't worry, it'll grow on you). The show aims to focus on the cooler parts of the Final Gear motor pool with each chosen participant getting a two video treatment.

Part one has to do with his MWF-ness reviewing the cars in editorial-style pieces, the very first one you can watch just below this wall of text, while part two is a short description of the car from the viewpoint of the owner. In this case, they are a restored 1989 BMW E30 325i and its owner nicjasno, respectively.

We hope to record one of these two-parters every few months, so do keep an eye on this thread, or better yet, subscribe to the FinalGear TV YouTube channel and stay in the loop! And now, without further ado...

And here's part #2!

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Gotta see this :D
Hehe, now with Top Gear off the air, it's nice to see the fanclub has started its own format :)

Matt seems to have a natural talent as a presenter (which I already noticed at last year's Ringmeet). Frankly I have no idea what he does for a living but this is something he should pursue.

I am still kinda torn in my opinion about those 80's 3-series. I know they were great cars for the time and I can fully understand the passion for them many seem to have. But for me they also always will be connected to the blokes who drove them - they were the genesis of BMW cocks, if you know what I mean... And I know that driving that thing in the rain is risky, to say the least. I once saw one of those spin out of control on the Autobahn for no apparent reason - only because the road was wet.

Still, great job on the video and even greater job on the car :thumbup:
Great video with a good message and almost perfect execution. Guys, I'm really impressed.

Just a couple of (deserved) posts needed on Reddit, Jalopnik etc and it should bring in quite a few views.

Not the best looking BMW ever, btw. That's the E39 IMHO.
Better quality than when Top Gear started out, so if that's anything to go by, well done!
Really nice first effort, few friendly niggles but that doesn't matter now.

Looking forward to the next ones.

Also, where's Matt Farah for some cross promotion?
Looking forward to part two.
This was great, but there's something about seeing car-people's attachment to their particular car that is what I enjoy.
Wow guys.. well done.
Yeah, good work. Really well done.

I'd like to point out though that the DS had all of those things except ABS. :p
Woo, it's finally here! great job guys, love it, and looking forward to part 2, and all the other projects you have planned.
Had no idea that this was such a big project in the making, keep it up!

And of course, Croatia is always welcome to lend our roads for some filming :p
I'm genuinely humbled by everyone's comments. Thank you all. It was in the pipeline before Clarkson grenaded Top Gear but that was just the impulse we needed to do it. We've learned lessons from the first attempt so hopefully the next ones will be a bit more slick and professional,
Good work on all fronts, nicely thought out and presented! :clap: I'm definitely looking forward to see where this develops.

In the next episodes I'd just like to see more colour a maybe a little faster pace - some of the pauses felt half-a-second too long.
Well, you've done a pretty good job at sounding like a professional TV presenter already. I can't decide if you and your choice of metaphors, mannerisms and such sound most like Needell, like Plato, or like Hammond. Perhaps it's a just British thing. :D

But nonetheless good work. :)
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You watched a middle aged office supplies salesman do his first ever stuff sober on camera shot in about 5 hours.

We promise the subsequent stuff will be a lot better.