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Mouse not scrolling up


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Oct 4, 2004
Here's a pickle. When got my first laptop, and i pluged in a mouse, scrolling up never seemed to work. Only if i unplug and plug back the mouse. Time has passed, i've changed several mice, scrolling up never worked. More time has passed and i changed laptop. Scrolling up never worked here either no matter what mouse it was. Today i bought again a mouse (simple optical logitech) and surprisingly, it doesnt scroll up either. However, one of my friends has the exact same laptop, and exact same simple logitech mouse. And guess what, he can scroll up and down with no problem. I always thought of this as some laptop/external mouse issue, but now im really having doubts about that theory :)

Logitech driver installed, default settings, left/righ mouse click button, 3rd button scroll up&down. What the hell is there else to configure on a simple mouse and why cant i scroll up :? :? :?

You can imagine that im not plugging out and in my mouse everytime i turn on my computer.

Any ideas? :think:
Some prog or drivers conflict. Or some weird sites you visit. :p
It's been the same story for x years, 2 laptops, several mice, always the same thing :?