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MP3 clip of Zonda V12?


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Mar 15, 2005
Anyone know where I can find a short MP3 clip of a zonda engine starting and revving to use as my ringtone? Yeah I know I'm a car geek... :p
I have a video clip (avi) of a Zonda making some passes at speed.
If you can extract the sound from the video..... :)
I have that video as well. Any ideas how I can extract the sound from it?
Don't know. I have Pinnacle Studio at home and that might do it but I have to check.
Well other than the Zonda, do u guys no ANY site where we could get mp3 clips of cars revving?
A simple way to extract the sound from the zonda video (im presuming its the same one i have, outside the factory?), just play the video and open sound recorder, check that the right things are checked under volume > recording, then record it right off. Use something like CDex to convert the wav to mp3.