Ownership Verified: My 1988 Lancia Delta HF Turbo


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Jul 22, 2005
Milano, Italia
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I've just bought my first car, and I LOVE it!! :wub:

Its a 1988 model Lancia Delta HF Turbo, 1.600cc - 140hp, it has done only 80.000km / 50.000 miles

Updated: 10/27, added some new pictures.

Some pictures:








With some minor modifications it should be about as fast as the Integrale :twisted:
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Nice. How does it drive?
Good looking ride, it looks like it was well cared for. I hope it drives as good as it looks.

Yes, I know I threw proper grammar out the window there, I don't care.
That interior is 100% 1980's (minus the MP3). Nice steering wheel, top ride :thumbsup:

What's with the roof inside? Is it meant to be like that?
:thumbsup: Such a nice looking car. I'd quite fancy a Lancia myself if i culd find a good one 'round here
What a kickass first car. :thumbup:
Fantastic first car, very very smooth 8)
Damn, that's sweet. Nice condition, and mileage is awesome for an '88 car. Congrats!

Mind if I ask how much you paid for it?
that steering wheel looks awesome
i feel like playing forza motorsport all of a sudden
well... definetely the 80's interior.. i rekon it will be a good city run about. not bad for the first car
Thanks guys, I appreciate the nice words :) I love the interior too, the tiny steeringwheel, the instrument panel and the alcantara recaro seats, it feels like a rally car.

jetsetter: It handels very well, I don't have that many cars to compare it with but I think it is excellent.

SL65AMG~V12~612BHP!!!!!!!: I am looking for a more retro looking stereo, any suggestions? The roof is not supposed to look like that, I am putting in a new "roof carpet", the old one did not look that nice.

Salar: I paid 750 euro / 940 USD for the car.

epp_b: The cerb weight is 1020kg/2248lb

edit: oh, btw, the muffler part of the exhaust system (as indicated in the picture) has been removed and replaced with a straight hollow pipe, should remove a few kilos and add a few horses, and it sounds great :thumbsup:

BlaRo said:
What a kickass first car. :thumbup:

One can only hope both the driver and the car is still alive one year from today ...

haz said:
BlaRo said:
What a kickass first car. :thumbup:

One can only hope both the driver and the car is still alive one year from today ...


I don't understand why I wouldn't, I am the same age as you, I've had my license sine the day I turned 18 and I've never had an accident. Plus I have survived for 3 years on a Suzuki GSX-R750. Do you always get up on the wrong side of the bed?