Ownership Verified: My 1988 Lancia Delta HF Turbo

I'm sorry to hear that mate!!! I really think it's a piece of beauty that Lancia! But if you say that after the revision the car it's ok, I guess the money spent was worth it. Wasn't it?

About what you said some posts before ( it looks like I 'haven't been around this thread for a long time :p) I really think that it's a great idea to keep the car original as much as possible. That's what makes them cool, the purity of it's original design and performance!!! :D
Thanks :) I haven't actually changed the ECU yet, we have just established the the ECU is broken, now I'm looking around for a new (used) one. A new ECU cost close to 1000 euros, so I'm hoping to find something a bit cheaper.

But we checked every other possibility apart from the ECU too, since that is the most expensive part to change. And fortunatly the rest of the electrical system, the VAE valve and pretty much everything else was in mint condition.

Regarding keeping the car original, I have decided 100% for sure that I will keep the car original in every way. It is more than fast enough as it is and it feels really good to have a car like this in the condition it left the factory:)
Hope you can get it running again soon - that's a terrific car, must be loads of fun to drive too.

Maybe get nicer wheels? :D
i hate you lol. I want a lancia delta integrale so bad. I think they have them in canada...

its one of my dream cars.
A little update;

The Delta has been fixed, picked her up from the mechanic before the weekend, it runs like a dream, like when it rolled of the factory floor in Torino 19 years ago!! Damn it felt good to take her out for a ride again, let her strech her legs and clear her throat a bit..

The other, not so pleasent side of owning such a car is that I have already spent double the purchase price in maintenance...:shock: But its been worth every euro, I think...
I know the feeling of spending double the purchase amount on maintenance :) But at the end of the day it's just sooo worth it.
Just got back from a 1.100km round trip in Toscana and Liguria, the car ran perfectly, no problems what so ever! I was a bit nervous before I left because of the problems I have been having, but it seems like they are all history.

Some pictures from the trip, will post more later...

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Is it a original new exhaust or did you give your turbo some more breathing room?
Lovely car.
Lancia Delta Integrale evo is my favorite car of all time.
One can only hope both the driver and the car is still alive one year from today ...


Almost 10 years later and both car & driver are still alive.

No updates or modifications, just regular maintenance. Need to find the time to give it a proper polish, paint is the only let down.

Current mileage: 101.700km



the proof pic, in case the thread isn't grandfathered in...

Still looks great, hitting the paint with a bit of compound and polish will do wonders. I do love the yellow on black dials. :)
Awesome to hear the Delta is still going strong!

I actually prefer the design of the original wheel more, but understand the appeal of the smaller one.
I agree, the original is much nicer in design and I'd also prefer it for driving!
Yes, original looks better!