Ownership Verified: My 1988 Lancia Delta HF Turbo

Yes it does. So if the other one feels better, put it on and store the original wheel somewhere safe. :)
I actually prefer the design of the original wheel more, but understand the appeal of the smaller one.

My sentiments are the same, if the smaller wheel has a special meaning it makes sense to keep using it. But the original one looks very nice.
The poor Delta had been sitting for almost 2 years (I do start it regularly though), put on new tires and changed the brake tubes today, what a joy it was to drive!

The engine still purrs like a kitten and the turbo spools up like its 1988! The guys at the garage were impressed...

Italian quailty!! :D

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Fantastic look with those wheels, perfect fit! :)
The car in the last frames is shot from far away because it isn?t a Delta - it had already rusted away.
Funny? Not funny?

Nice ad anyways and such a cool car. Just too nice to drive on winter and would be great to drive on winter... Shame really.
No, up north it's too cold for salt to work so they don't bother, especially as there's plenty of grip available when it's really cold.
Yeah, true actually - shame it is a 1000kms from where I live :mrgreen:
In the end I went with the original steering wheel. Still need to polish the car...









Absolutely fantastic.
Damn, this car is tasteful. I'm also glad you're saving a non-Integrale Delta, I don't think I've seen one in person since... actually, I can't remember if I saw any, except for maybe in a scrapyard. Perhaps I've seen one or two as a child, but I can't remember seeing any at the moment.