My 1989 Supra Twin Turbo!

Not to be a dick, but the first thing that came to mind was, "Holy Shit! Napoleon Dynamite!"

Freakin' idiot!

I love the AW11s too, and was thinking of getting one as a second car once I get rid of the Pathy.
Looking bang on.
Thanks buddy!

My wheels should be here anyyyyy day now!

Hopefully the coincide with VUK's encoded episode!
Wonderful car!
I got some 14" BBS wheels that came on my first Miata. I painted the inside gold for my CRX and now I put them on my new Miata and they look great. Gotta find some center caps though.


They don't look as good in 14" as they do in whatever size you have though. I wonder if they make a 15" set...
Well, its more of a GT car than a straight line racer. You have a metric assload of toys in there, climate control, electric mirrors, electric seats, electric windows, cruise control etc - all adds weight.
Quite the GT car, If I wanted a sports car I would of gotten an MR2 or Celica :mrgreen:

I love it more and more every day
I have to say....

i am *such* a fan of 80s & 90s Toyota sports cars. They are gorgrous classics like the first two MR-2s, all the Supras, all Celicas (cept the last one) and the ever so iconic Toyota Corolla GT-S (AE86.)
Very cool, I've always liked that particular version of the Supra. Tasteful mods too. Most modified Japanese cars just look brash. But with those wheels it looks like it means business!
Thanks guys.

On Friday im having 2 buddies with supras come to hang out. Ill get some pictures of some of the nicest supras in my area then!
I'm not a photographer, Most of these photos were taken for photoshop purposes, but none the less, my driveway isn't an ideal photoshoot spot.

I took these because I just cleaned the car up!