My 1993 Toyota MR2


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Mar 27, 2005
New England region, USA
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I haven't taken any recent pictures, save for one of my most recent mod:
im guessiung it was an auto? is it a hardtop? i think only hardtops came in auto but i forget. my roomate has a 91 na though, pretty fun, but i kinda like how the 240 is predictable
Yup, it used to be automatic; it has a sunroof, so strictly speaking it's no hardtop. It is definitely a twitchy car at the limit. I've spun it a couple times, twice at an autocross and once on a wet road, so I'm not entirely knowledgeable about its limits. Right now my priority is to replace all the suspension bushings with polyurethane ones; it has over 154k miles on it, so it definitely needs work on those consumables.
You changed the transmission? Why?
bc it was an auto, not anymore though

and by hardtop, i meant no t-tops
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you couldn't get them to chuck in a new shift boot when you changed tranmission :(
he probably got the parts from a junkyard. easiest way to have everything you need.
you couldn't get them to chuck in a new shift boot when you changed tranmission :(

my car was way worse, so much so that my dad stole a prototype shift boot at work that was getting thrown away and made me cut it up to fit hehe, i didn't care about it at the time, but a clean interior, especially a non-ripped shift boot, makes everything alot nicer

good thing its a black interoir though, mki or mkii mr2 i cant stand the stupid blue interiors, its the ugliest, blandest, horrid thing ive ever seen, turn it black and atleast the mki starts to look pretty good inside, if not a bit agressively angular, probably mkii as well (never sat in black interior mkii), subaru SVX is the easiest nice car to ruin with a crap interior, the standard grey interior was enouph to keep me from buying one, weras the brown leather interior had me up at night thinking about how nice it was to sit in the car, maybe i make thread about this?
Nice work. When are you putting a 3sgte in?


I'm actually waiting for the 5sfe to die from normal use (in a decade or so, I suspect) then swap in a V6 of some sort, probably a 1MZ or 3VZ. I spent a few hours Saturday polishing and waxing...and it rained that evening, but I'll take pics next time I take it out. There are some angles from which it looks really awkward, like directly from the side. Oh, and if you really want to scare/get the attention of people, floor it in a parking garage. Cone intake + leaky header = metallic wail.
Mod? You beat the sh*t out of your interior? :dunno:

i know this thread is old, but everytime i open it, look at the original thread, and then read this i can't help myself but laugh out load, i don't know why its so funny but it is