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My 1st break down


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Jun 16, 2004
Melbourne, Australia (originally from London, UK)
Before i start with the story, a little background on parking around my uni. Free parking at my uni is rare as theres only 1 small bit of road outside the uni building which u can park along for a maximum of 2 hours. Directly outside and around the back of the uni entrance is about 12 spaces with 4 hour parking, and on the side entrance of the uni, there is a 5 hour space for one car. Of course u can always park at the shopping center nearby, but only for a max of 1.5 hours (my lecture lasts 2 hours)

As I drove along this road, praying for a free spot (so I don?t have to park in the 1.5 hour limit shopping center carpark and move the car during the lecture) I was dishearten to find that all the spots were taken. As I drove round the corner, a car drove past in the opposite direction.

Could it be that someone just left a free spot? Yes! There was a spot! Not only that, it was that ultra rare 5 hour spot! Quickly, I swung the car right in order to do a 3 point turn (in australia, u gotta park in the same direction the traffic is flowing, ie driver?s door facing the road)

So I put on my right indicator, and did the 1st point, stopped the car, and shifted into reverse to make the 2nd point. It was then I heard a very loud rumble. Assuming that this noise was of a modded-civic driver, unhappy that I was taking the spot before he could, I reversed back and stopped in order to make my 3rd point. It was then I noticed that something was wrong?

There was no civic around ? only students walking past and staring at me. As I maneuvered my car into a decent parking position, I realised that the rumble became louder each time I pressed the gas. Slowly, I turned off the engine, and the noise stopped.

?Oh crap? I thought as I realised that the noise was in fact coming from my car. I started it again to make sure, and quickly shut it off again, fearing that I might do more damage.

So I got out, trying not to look at anyone walking past, and lifted the bonnet, and there I saw that the pipe connecting the engine to the exhaust had disconnected. Assuming that this would be a easy fix with a spanner, I closed the bonnet, locked the car and walked off happy that all is well, and I got 5 hours to fixed a simple problem.

2 hours later, I returned to the car to inspect further what had happened and how to go about fixing it. It was then I noticed that the pipe did not disconnect, but rather the mount in which the pipe connects to had snapped. This means that fixing the problem will not be the quick DIY spanner job I earlier thought it to be.

Anyway, in the end, I had to get a tow truck down to take the car to the nearest muffler shop. A couple of hours, a new part and minus $450 later, I was able to take the car home.
bummer MixtriX. I've been lucky that my cars broke down in my driveway. Except for this one time when the Ball point joint broke. Talk about a scary sound.
Once i had an Peugeot 405 MI16 that i loved at the time (the sound that 150hp car makes blows my 225hp turbo volvo to pieces). I was driving to a friend and tried to take a shortcut over a grassfield (yea i know, its not an offroad car). I was talking in my cellphone at the same time with the friend in question when i heard a LOUD bang under the car and a really terrible scraping noise (well you think "wow this guy is stupid") all i can say is that it was dark and we are talking a perfectly cut "fotball field" here. Well i hit a 20cm high metal pole driven 50cm down in the ground. After that my car sounded just as you describe, but the "only" damage were that i snapped the bolts from the exhaust to the top of the engine costing a mere 75$ to fix.

So i hope you learn something from this, never go offroad with an onroad car!
Never buy an old french car, because the are crap!


Missing you my red piece of crap :cry:
One of those MII6s is on my want list. Apparently they go like stink.