My 2015 911 Turbo Beetle


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So thanks to some profitable real estate investments, I found myself with a little extra cash to play with.

I sold the Cayman GTS after getting a really good offer to buy and now having a family with a little kid, I started shopping around for 911s to take advantage of the back seat, looking at mostly newer 991 generations cars, ranging from the Carrera 2S to GTS to Turbos. No GT cars for me as I wanted a well rounded street car that included the back seats.

So I ultimately found a good condition CPO 2015 base Turbo with 20k miles at a really good price, bought it and had it shipped over a few weeks ago.

Quick lazy proof picture:

2018-10-20_07-20-39 by Ed Kwon, on Flickr

Here it was in stock form

DSC05628 by Ed Kwon, on Flickr

DSC05625 by Ed Kwon, on Flickr

DSC05623 by Ed Kwon, on Flickr

So far I gotta say I love this car, while the Cayman is more a pure focused drivers car, this is an all around more usable car in the real world on a daily basis. And let's not even talk about the power..



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thomas;n3554402 said:
Great car, but I'm absolutely no fan of the clear lights Porsche offers... :D
Agreed, I think clear tails on white is a poor look, so i changed them back to red, also removed all the chrome badging (Porsche puts way too many letters on the backs of their cars these days) and replaced it all with a simple black Porsche badge.

DSC05603 by Ed Kwon, on Flickr

DSC06017 by Ed Kwon, on Flickr
I keep telling myself I need to get into the real estate game. Need more starting capital. Nice choice! Personally I prefer the clear taillights, unless you have the full width light strip(but I think that only came on the 4/4S/4GTS models).


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Great car!

The all-white look was a bit special. I liked it, but I can understand preferring the red rear lights.
Have you also had the windows tinted? That picture with the open doors looks that way.


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Good eye, so I've done a few more things with the car so far:

Stock form:

DSC05629 by Ed Kwon, on Flickr

tinted all around 20%, lowered the car on GMG springs compatible with PASM and doesn't affect ride quality or suspension behavior (30mm drop from stock)

DSC05630 by Ed Kwon, on Flickr

Then most recently switched the stock Sport Classic wheels (a nice homage to the classic Fuchs wheels on the original turbos, but not to my taste) and replaced them with same size HRE FF04, matte black

DSC05636 by Ed Kwon, on Flickr
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As a fan os white cars, I fully approve. Really nice choice.
Also, red tailights and different wheels transformed the car. It looks MUCH better.


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Great looking 991 Turbo, and although I see nothing wrong with the original wheels, the new ones suit it perfectly!


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Der Stig;n3554733 said:
Looks ace, congrats! That power bump must be something else :D
The phrase I use a lot to describe it is 'stupidly scary fast' and I still haven't even tried a launch control take off yet. It's ridiculously easy to get the speeds up to 130-140 MPH on an empty straight freeway without realizing it.

Accelerating from a standstill is a neck snapping experience. The power is great but for the first time I understand when some car reviewers describe it as having 'more power than you really need'.


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gt1750;n3554781 said:
Great looking 991 Turbo, and although I see nothing wrong with the original wheels, the new ones suit it perfectly!
It's individual taste. I know many people who love the Sport classic designs and they're fine, just not my style. The 5 lug OEM Turbo wheels I would have liked are these.



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I'd prefer a more classic style fixed front lip vs this retractable rubber lip in the 991 Turbo, it's just another mechanical part destined for failure and requires an expensive replacement when it does, if the anecdotes of other 991 owners is anything to go by.

Most of the time I only drive it in Sport mode where both the front lip and rear wing are in retracted position. Anything short of track speeds they are really unnecessary.