my beaters au naturel ('90s Japanese Performance Red Edition)

The Nissan can apparently be picked up tomorrow. Out of the 10+ pics taken today, these are the only postworthy ones; apparently my brother had hired Michael J. Fox as the photographer for today.




It's going to be 700 euro turn-key.
"turn-key"? It's not like anything mechanical was replaced? :D
The Nissan came back today. The work is very satisfactory, at least when viewed in the dark and rain :p
Nah, there's some very slight orange peel, but it's definitely not bad. The color seems to match, no noticeable overspray anywhere, and apart from the windshield surround that had to be done with the glass in place due to cost-efficiency, you can't really tell it's been re-done. Except for the complete lack of rust, of course :cool:

Going to take some pics when it's light outside, at some point.
Going to take some pics when it's light outside, at some point.

i can imagine that's pretty hard this time of year :lol:

when does it go dark up north?
Finally got home early enough to take some quick shots when it was light enough outside. The car is already dirty and icy, but such is the weather here.







I can't really detect any colour difference between the redone sections and the ones left untouched.

The car was also treated to a pair of new number plates, in place of the old cracked ones.
Aaand I need to find an equally cheap paintshop next spring, I've been thinking about having the bumpers & bottom half of my car painted white..
All ready for an improvised Ice Rally Super Special Stage :p

It looks better with the snow imo :mrgreen:

Well, at the moment there just isn't any :p

I just spent 18 euro at a carwash, to get the 323F clean. It actually did a decent job, being a jet wash + brush wash + underbody proper wash.
And we have a fresh MOT with the Nissan, with a slightly worn front ball joint that's probably needing a replacement come next inspection and some bits in the underbody that need re-undersealing. Otherwise no problems, except that last weekend a key got snapped in the passenger side door lock and we got stranded for a bit.

Frosty the snowmobile? Hasn't been driven this week, and since it's consistently been below -20?C, there's been no point in torturing it even if it would probably start quite effortlessly.

My brother is hunting down a GTI bodykit for the Sunny. He's already got wind of the skirts and a rear bumper, and now there's a front bumper in sight as well. It's still going to be a 3-speed auto Sunny, but it'll be one that has an original GTI bodykit. :p

The carb issues that resulted in slight jerking have been rectified a while ago, an oil leak has been banished and the car also has a fresh radiator these days.
Attaching the bodykit, whenever it is purchased, could turn out to be pretty easy; my brother has arranged that he can do little fixes at the bodyshop himself, such as attaching a door trim today that had come loose. If he manages to source the bodykit, getting it detailed and fitted at the bodyshop should be a doddle.
No GTI bodykit yet, but the Nissan's got summer wheels on again. It needs some detailing, but the bodywork looks good.

Pics by brother.






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That B12 looks very good.:thumbup: