my beaters au naturel ('90s Japanese Performance Red Edition)

Yeah.. as my brother went to ask about the alignment at a local garage, he spotted a red 323 there, without any plates on. He checked the odo reading, 183 000 km, and asked me how much my old Mazda had on the clock when I traded it in.









The guy who bought it had busted the transmission, and deeming it not viable to fix sold it on. The garage's parting it out. I didn't even recognize it at first, and it would've probably been for the better if I didn't - but peering inside I spotted the speaker support my friend did when we installed the rear speakers. Then I found the repaired crack in the bumper, the bent jack point in the passenger side sill, the repaired little rust spot in the driver's side rear arch... oh hell, it was my old car. It now had a huge dent and lots of smaller ones in the passenger side, a crack in the windshield, a big rip in the driver's seat and a tasteless 16V badge on the trunk. It had basically been killed to death and turned into an organ donor. This had taken less than 11 months and something like 10 000 km.

Feels like I betrayed the car, trading it in. Rest in pieces, KGF-510.

"You maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!"
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Probably the last coat it ever got was in May, by yours truly.

I don't know if I should bring it flowers or go yank the badge off the front for keeps. I might just do both.
That sucks man..... this is why in a utopian world one should never be forced to sell off any cars.
Heh, since I know you don't like small cars that much, I can appreciate you saying that :p
Took a look at the car again today. The winter tires it sits on have been smoked completely and most of the studs are gone or shaved smooth, they were in 99% condition when I last saw them. There are dents in the roof as well, and the carefully-maintained log book as well as other documents is strewn across the footwell. The guy who bought it in September (IIRC, I let it go in May but it took its time to sell) had paid 1400 euro for it, which pretty much went down the drain.