My brother is kind of a dumbass


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Apr 5, 2006
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My brother is kind of a dumbass.
A few months ago he drove his Xterra ('08, MT, essentially the same one I have but newer and without the good stereo) home from the desert in 4WD and I think drove it several days like that. He messaged me saying it was broken because it was handling funny; not wanting to turn, not rolling easily when backing out of the driveway, that kind of thing. I asked if he left it in 4WD... yup.

Now his T-case is leaking ATF and needs to be replaced or rebuilt. A new one is about $2,600 or around $3,100 from the dealer - and the independent shop is estimating $3K to get his rebuilt and reinstalled. The car is worth maybe 5K, so he's thinking of getting rid of it for a 4Runner. Great timing with the chip shortage plus the Toyota Tax. I suggested he buy a new one, if he can, since he will keep it a while and the price of a 2-year old 4Runner is going to be as much as a new one. I also had to inform him that used parts exist and he could buy an entire salvage t-case off eBay for $250-$350 and just have a shop swap them out.

Now he's asking me if I want to buy his Xterra to replace mine, since mine is 2 years older. :cautious:

I've managed to drive and maintain my X through hell and back many times over and never had to open the t-case. But sure, let me buy your dog-hair-encrusted busted-ass hooptie that I know you barely maintain and sink more money into it so it will do part of what my current, nearly identical vehicle, already does. Just what I want, another vehicle with a 20 year old design and bad fuel economy.

Hard pass. Also, bro, you're a dumbass. I will, however, take that FZ-09 off your hands for cheap.
Sounds like a great candidate for conversion to an EV as part of the rebuild.
Sounds like a great candidate for conversion to an EV as part of the rebuild.
He can get a used t-case for about $350 on ebay. It's fixable, but someone has to handhold him though it.
He needs the help of an adult.