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My car photos

Hi there! Can't believe you actually have 2 posts posted in one day. Must be a personal record for you man! :p

What do you want me to translate?

Oh, and guys, Tommy is a good friend of Hanasand and myself, with a great gift in photography. He's also a car enthusiast on a high level.

Love the site to Tommyboy, lookin' goood :thumbsup:
Re: My car photos

tommy said:
My very first post on this forum. Wuhu! Should just warn u that my English isn`t that great! :?

Well... to the pictures. The site is in Norwegian, but I`m going to ask my friend Daniel (he is active on this forum) to translate it. ;)

And there we go: http://www.home.no/tommyellingsen/

PS: The page will sonn be moved to www.biljournalist.no


who is the hottie on the homepage??????+ :shock: gimme ...

yeah i dont see it where is it?? better not be mofoing imageshack

nvm i see it now

Great pics!

nice pics, just wish there weren't so many black and white ones :(

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wow... I would be grateful if I had half the photography skills that you have... its just amazing