My current cars


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Feb 26, 2007
Florissant, MO, US
'00 Cougar/'07 Explorer
They aren't the most interesting cars, but I figured I'd share anyway.

2000 Mercury Cougar:
I bought it new in July '00 and have proceded to spend way too much money on it over the last several years.:D I've formed a bit of an irrational attachment to it and have actually considered getting another one. I think it's a sickness.

1995 Lincoln Mark VIII:
I picked this up because the Cougar had gotten a bit harsh and loud for extended highway cruising (more than 3-4 hours straight is pretty punishing in it). It's got decent power and really eats up highway miles, it doesn't particularly like being pushed through a corner though. Recently it has become a bit of a money pit, so it will likely be getting replaced sometime in the next year.
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the cougar is a mercury?

they were sold as fords over here
Does it come with 170 hp over there as well?

That's a nice car tho..

especially if you remove the stickers, but then i reckon Hp goes down a bit ;)
The stickers are just class numbers for autocross events. They are magnetic and currently hanging on my refridgerator.;)

Mercury is a North American brand and the one which the Cougar has always been sold under here (since '67), but they were sold as Fords in other markets (UK, mainland Europe and Austrailia). I guess I didn't mention it, but it is the 2.5L V6 (170 hp stock).