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My first attempt to photoshop


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Jun 4, 2004
Melbourne, Australia
00' Subaru Forester GT
alright people... heres my attempt to photoshop this civic


to this...

Please don't flame me for changing to color to gold, that was the easiest, I wanted to do white or black... but I heard is very difficult... anyone care to teach me?

but any other comments are welcome :D
Okay, I think you want honest criticism. First of all the front rim doesn't match the lighting conditions. You should play a little with the hue/saturations to get it right.
The rear rim looks somewhat 2D. I don't know what you did with it but it is definately missing depth. Plus you can see the pavement through the space between the spokes. You should have made those spots black.

Another thing I've noticed is is the Honda decal, it looks too low res. I guess you took it off another picture, which had a lower resolution. It doesn't look as sharp as the rest and therefore stands out. The same goes for the exhaust. And it doesn't match the lighting conditions likewise.

The colour change looks neat besides the gaps, which you forgot to colour. It mostly sticks out near the right side of the rear spoiler and the right part of the rear bumper (Where the bumper meets the tire).
Apart from all that It's a pretty neat job for your first PS. It looks miles better than my first one.

Edit: You should resize your picture. It messes with my text. ;)
Thats better that what i have done in my modifications. i'll post my modifications soon for some criticism( :cry: )
Do you mean your Photoshop entry ? If so, you're not allowed to post it. The rules say so.
And we have to obey the rules, don't we ? :lol:
no mna. for my first attempt.... ithink my entry was good enough. i was on holidays for the last 20 days and had done enough practice (I THINK). my entry was about 8th modification. anyway the results will decide if i am up to it.

i have a feeling i'll get 0 votes( :woot: )
Nice one Andy. I noticed the same problems that swek already mentioned, but for a first try that's great.
I never got around to editing this picture... I have been working on the Inifiniti G35 :D ... gna send mine in to ren in a bit :D :D
andyhui01 said:
I never got around to editing this picture... I have been working on the Inifiniti G35 :D ... gna send mine in to ren in a bit :D :D

Why am I not surprised :lol:

I'm actually working on that one too, but I'm struggling with lack of ideas.
I had a really good idea in the beginning but it got too hard so I ditched the plan... on my pic, you'll see parts of my incomplete plan :lol: