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My first drift video (GT4)


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Aug 29, 2004
Ok, here's my first drift video.

I used my crappy webcam to capture it, so the quality is kinda bad, I will get a better digicam soon. This is the first time I edited a video digitally, so I still don't know how do fade out the video/audio yet, that's why it's suddenly cut at the end. Hope it doesn't suck too much, any comments suggestions/criticisms welcome (other than about the crappy video quality :lol: )
You need a bigger drift angle. Lot of the action was just powersliding. Enter the coner sideways, don't just go in and floor the thing towards the exit. Also, connect the corners. A lot of times you powerslided a corner, got straight, and went straight away through the next corner. Try doing the whole track sideways, even on straights, track seemed wide enough.

Dunno if any of my suggestion makes sense and is possible in GT4, but just my 0.02$
I like the song, what is it?

And personally I could never stand the RX-7 Falken: fast in a straight line, but not fast enough for Japanese GT championship or the RX-7 races, and it seemed to understeer more than it should have. Then again, I haven't driven it in a while, so I've forgotten.

It's not bad of a performance, a lot better than what I would have done. The drift around the corner leading to the uphill portion after the loop was the best.
Thanks for the comments. For some reason I can't seem to drift thru those longer corners, the car will regain grip mid corner no matter what I do. Any suggestions on how to keep the cars sideways longer? The song is called "Beat of the rising sun" it's from Initial D.
Tweak the suspension (if my poor gt4 knowledge is correct, than that should be possible)
That song reminds me of the South Park ninja episode.
"taisetsu na mono protect my balls! Let's fighting love~ Let's fighting love~"

dude, that song is going to be playing in my head all day long now
i suck at drifting, i can only pull of some short powerslides. what are the settings you guys are using to drift?
My current settings are

Tires (f/r): S3/S3
Suspension: Semi-Racing
Spring Rate: 11.0/8.5
Ride Height: 116/116
Shock Absorbers: 8/8
Camber: 2.0/0.5
Downforce: 13/18
Driving Aids: Off
When you buy a car, immediatly go and fit its stock "road tires". They are free! I even race on them.
Also, pick a good car like an M5 or particularly that D1 Skyline 4-door thats in the game.
If you can, get hold of the wheel for GT4, it makes all the diffrence.

I'm no great drifter myself, I can usually get some good oposite-lock and powerslide but thats it.
Yea, some people us N tires for drifting, but I can't really drift with them, they have no grip. I can light them up on 2 gear in this car.
Love the Initial D Style touch with the music.