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Jun 4, 2004
Melbourne, Australia
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I've decided to turn my normal desktop computer as a full-time server... I just setup an FTP account... I only have 2 TG episodes on there but you guys could use it to share your stuff... this would reduce the load on hokiethang's server... I'm not sure if my speed is any good but just try it out and comment on the speed.

there are some probs with the passive shit so I'm trying to get that sorted out later...if you can't log on... I'll fix it soon... off to bed now... gotta wake up at 6:15am tmr to beat the traffic into the city ;)

btw... I'm using my temp. 40g HD... so yea... my 120g just fucked up and I'm looking to replace it soon

user: andrew
pass: andyhui01



ps. I will post some of the older TG episodes that the members requested if I can find time and space on the HD... its all backed up on DVD now ;)
What type of connection do you have?

Just tested it. I got 10 kb/sec. Did you limit it to that speed?

Thanks for offering your bandwidth

Buba :thumbsup:
you have to add ftp:// in front of the IP address, or it'll try to open a website
Just use flashfxp and the IP goes to the addy line...
Thanks very much, a FTP that i actually can connect too.
I tested one episode and i was getting 20 Kb/s so not bad :D
I alredy have those episodes, but im sure someone may need them.
Thanks anyways. :thumbsup:
np... you guys could use it as a file dump for sharing your episodes or any other videos... I did not limit my u/l or d/l speed
Renesis said:
why is it here and not in vids offers?

I can move it if you want

I was thinking that too :eek:
But it hadnt been moved by any of the mods so thought maybe it stays here then.