Someone Else's Problem: My Hot Latino - '16 Beetle Cabrio

Clearly faked. The 991 model GT3 hasn't been available up until 2013.

My capacitor-backed G1W seems to lose its time after a while of not driving :dunno: two weeks before that matches a return from a week in London.
It's not quite Zastava slow!

...and epic training at ADAC including a few dozen laps of their track...

Which training did you choose? 'PKW-Intensiv-Training'?

All is well :cool:
Is there that much metallic in the paint? Seems very sparkly.

Yeah, there is a lot of metallic in there - depending on viewing angle and lighting it changes quite a lot. That ferry picture is the extreme end, with the sun reflected in only a small part that may be exaggerated by the potato... this is more realistic:

You can check it with your own eyes at Ringmeet :thumbup:

Meanwhile, I've been spotting two other Habanero Orange Beetle around here for a while :clap: both a coup? and convertible... based on the HU sticker this coup? has been registered just after I ordered mine.

;( SAD.
BOOOO! :shakefist:

Apparently today is spot-the-local-orange-Beetle day :clap:

...though I was a second too late :(
This happened last weekend :cool:

...yes, I did treat it to a spot of interior cleaning by now. Outside as well, it's an insect death trap:

But cooking with it is unheard of. :)
That's near the Elbe, isn't it? I saw a beetle in your colour, might've been you and we might've crossed ways. :D

People keep placing shots near the Elbe that aren't, so exactly two months and one day later I made one just for you :thumbup: