Someone Else's Problem: My Hot Latino - '16 Beetle Cabrio

Hey, I know exactly where that is! :p

This is part of my typical 200 km East Germany-Tour, though I drive it in the other direction. Was it this sunday? I was planning on driving there with the gf but didn't. You wouldn't have noticed us (Suzuki Swift), but I would've definitley waved. So if that will ever happen again on this road, don't be surprised if a random idiot waves at your car - it's probably me. :lol:
No, that was Himmelfahrtsfreitag. Last Sunday I headed for the West Coast, Eidersperrwerk and all that.

I might be at the Elbe July first or second though :cool: feel free to honk like a madman.
First big multi-week roadtrip coming up :D

Rough plan: Leave tomorrow, Germany until the 6th, cross through western Switzerland on the 7th, Aosta valley, lots of French Alps, some Italian shenanigans, turn 'round at the Med on the 11th, more French Alps, head east via Italian lakes and Switzerland around the 15th, more Swiss and Italian shenanigans, home by the 20th.

Saint Bernard received a donation of petrol, got epic weather in return :cool:


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Just realised your numberplate is fantastic. :lol:
Good work with shop-cleaning the plates on your own pics but then set links to pics with the full plates. :lol:
Anyway, newer knew there are please-buy-my-pics shooters on top of these passes. Been on them many times, and the Galibier is just awesome.

How did the Beetle handle the thin air?
The letters are mandatory, and the numbers were available :D +13 was available too, but that would have been too realistic.
It's been visible in 'Ring paparazzi photos as well :p the Eos got papped on Galibier too, linked in the old thread.

The big turbo means you hardly notice the loss in air pressure, though near the top of Agnel it did feel a lot revvier and late shiftier than usual, to compensate... When down on torque, use more revs :burnrubber:
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I want THAT!

That's Col de l'Iseran, facing north from the top.

Postcard view from Passo di Gavia

Accidentally stayed the night in fancytown, surprisingly cheap though :clap:

Going up Stelvio on a beautiful Sunday was a mistake. Still lovely views.

Did a bit of mild economy motoring after leaving Austria, the fillup turned out to be about 5.65l/100km :clap:

Arrived home yesterday, about 5400km later... all is well :cool:
5.65 liters? in an open top 2 liter turbo? Do you actually have the engine running when going downhill or on plane ground? :lol:
5.65 liters? in an open top 2 liter turbo? Do you actually have the engine running when going downhill or on plane ground? :lol:

:lol: It depends. Proper downhill, in gear with fuel cut-off. Tiny downhill, freewheeling (see picture, 700rpm for 70km/h...). Level ground and wanting to ever so slightly decelerate, also freewheeling. The engine's only off while stationary, and there weren't many opportunities - it's not a hybrid, and I'd like to keep my power steering and brakes :driving:
I didn't do annoying things to achieve the number, and there even was a closed-roof rainy AC section... I'm confident the car could do a good chunk lower, but that's not worth it.
Target speed while on the A9 was 110-120 - that's part of where the good chunk lower but annoying could come from, if you stick to 100 or even worse stay behind trucks... Actual route, minus two or three detours off the A9 to go around traffic: