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My Idea


Mar 14, 2004
Just an Idea I thought of , it might cost some money so I dont want to tell you like you have to or its needed.

But if youre running bittorrent you could maybe set up an extra computer with an internet connection and just seed torrents off of it all the time? Im very happy to see at least one file back up , but it doesnt have any seeds and 8 peers. You wouldnt relaly need a fast box to host the torrent either. Anyway , just a quick brainstorm I had , thanks for the site though!
It's going slow 'cause my connection is firewalled.

I had a thing where'd I'd send the file to other people for them to seed with and I may start doing that again.

Anyway, once I actually upload it to some people, they'll seed as well and it will go a LOT faster than it is now.