Ownership Verified: My Inca Yellow sports saloon...


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Aug 6, 2008
Glasgow, Scotland
Three Triumphs and a Volvo estate


It's a 1976 Triumph Dolomite 1850HL, it's finished in Inca Yellow with vinyl C-pillar trim (peeling) and black sills (Hammerite). It's got a 1854cc slant-4 motor (also used in Saabs) and has twin carbs, its done 84,000 miles and has a 4-speed manual gearbox, without overdrive sadly. It's also sitting on Sprint alloy wheels, which set it off nicely. Oh, it's also filthy in all the pics as the PO was using it as his daily driver and he had a 1975 Rover 2200TC in the garage.

I bought it last night (having viewed a few days ago) for the princely sum of ?850 and used it for my commute today and it seems to be a pretty solid car. The 1300 has been SORN'd and taken off the road for winter or until after it's engine rebuild... Setting aside the fact I just spent the engine money on another car...




Dad broke the aerial within 5mins of me buying the car, it's now stuck inside the front wing until the rain lets up and I can retrieve it...

This is the current ICE setup, the radio (original MW/LW unit) isn't connected and I don't know if it works anyway...

Proof pic coming later, not that you'll doubt this. Idiotic car purchases are sort of my speciality.
And I thought I was bad...uh, congrats? Good luck on this one not being a money pit either, you'll need it.

My thoughts exactly! He'll soon be drowning in Dolomites! :lol::lol:

Fantastic car, that is a right result!
Looks way better than the other one. Ofc with Inca Yellow I was hoping for Saab.
Front valance is buggered, no worse than the 1300, just less filler. Arches are great, door bottoms are good with the exception of one, sills are pretty tidy, slight bit of filler to the rear wing where it's had a bump at some point, wings are good and the front panel is alright too. Worst bit is a small hole at the top of the bulkhead, I'd say that's the only important rust, the rest being surface or non-structural. Overall I'd say better bodywork than the 1300 but looks worse due to crap paint and a lighter colour.
It's had a bit of welding in the past, but to a good standard and it's stood the test of time, I have all the history back to 1982 and even the original service book that was kept stamped up until 46,000 miles in 1990!

Also it GOES, you plant your foot at 50mph and you find yourself at license losing speed overtaking Audis in a shockingly short time. Very fun, is a bit lumpy running around town but out on the open road it's a dream, brand new stainless exhuast too so it sounds pretty damn nice too. Makes up for the lack of radio, although the fan belt screaming when you floor it is somewhat embarrassing... :lol:

Got to love the 70s colour too, looks so good sat in the works car park in the sea of black/silver cars. :cool:

My thoughts exactly! He'll soon be drowning in Dolomites! :lol::lol:
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This was unexpected... but if you've done the math, more power to you :thumbsup:

I prefer the yellow one because of the quad headlights and moar powar.

You should put a saab camshaft cover on it, btw. :D
You are clearly an insane maniac. I approve.

...In all honesty though..if the yellow one is in better shape than the green one, I echo the others: Ditch that mother fucker.