My new car!


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Jan 18, 2006
I bought myself a new car yesterday after i sold the Peugeot with a nice profit.

It's a 1999 (MY2000) Mitsubishi Carisma 1.6 in burgundy. The interior is a lot less icky than it looks in these pics (took them off the website of my dad's garage where i bought it).
Will post more pics after saturday, when i take delivery of it.
Uh-oh, it's got a tow-bar. :)

Congrats. Was it a good deal? The Carisma's not what you'd call everybody's darling, I'm just curious why you got it.
carisma based on the lancer?
So i guess it's a nice car....
It was a pretty good deal for me :) I'm trying to sell it on in a few months' time and let's just say it will be positive for my cash-flow :D And i always liked the 2nd gen Carismas. Right now i'm just going for cars that are pretty easy to sell on so i can make some extra money off them :)
carisma based on the lancer?

No, it's a joint performance between Volvo and Mitsubishi, it is based on the Volvo S40. Both were built at the Nedcar factory in the Netherlands.
though it has some features of the lancer light and doors. I had a 97 Lancer 1.6 really loved that car. hopefully I'll be able to get an Evo 5 or 6 in the future
that looks like an extremely tidy car, 6 year old and it looks great! enjoy!
Congrats on the car :)
It's pretty nice to drive, didn't have a chance to drive very much because it was dark and snowing. But it's faster than the 306, couldn't really test the handling, because it was pretty slippery. Seats are pretty okay, not as good as the ones i had in my Fiesta (it had XR2i seats <3). The actual controls give me a lot more feel and require a lot more force than any other Japanese car i've driven so far, which i really like. Gearchange is good, although not as nice as the 306, but still a lot better than my old Fiesta.

Bottomline: REALLY REALLY looking forward to saturday and driving it afterwards :)
Those seats are rather blue, aren't they?
Nice buy.
Felt the same when i got mine. Had to wait a few days before my credit got through and i was able to pick it up. She was a bit dented, that's why i got about 8% discount, the same price it took to fix her. I'm a happy camper now. :)
Nice looking Mitsu. I've only owned one, but it was rebadged as a Dodge... :D

Uh-oh, it's got a tow-bar. :)

Tow bar, interesting I'd call that a trailer hitch. The tow bar is what I'd call if the car was behind a truck or RV and was towed flat on all four tires. It's odd how different parts of the english speaking world has different names for the same thing... :mrgreen:
yea i don't get the magic mushroom seat fabric either.. but hey.. if that's your style.. then enjoy..

I love my mitsus.. (95 & 01 sebring coupes are restyled mitsu's)

What motor comes in those? is it based on the 4G series motors?