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Over here, you only have to tell mods >1500? to your insurance company......this doesn?t include like 10 1499? mods ;)
You can pay an Additional Premium for no claims discount protection. That works like this; for each year you are claim free you build up a percentage of your premium as a discount until you can get up to 65% reduction. Now if you have to make a claim that is a lot of money to loose for next year so you can insure that discount. It takes 5 years or so to get that amount of discount though. If you take a voluntary deduction of the claim (you pay the first 250 GBP of any claim say you get a reduction in your premium. You have to be careful about staged payments too which at first sight look a good idea but some companies charge a fee to allow you to make staged payments which when you work it out can be anywhere between 8% - 16% so you are better off borrowing the money from your bank and paying an annual premium than going for the staged payments (or as it is sometimes known - instalments).

If you have a specialist car or do limited amount of miles there are specialist insurers who will give you a much better price rather than the market leaders, you would be better off going through a broker for this type of insurance in the UK.