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My New Signitures

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Apr 10, 2005
MadMax said:
"Have you seen who's behind them? .... Bill Bryson.

Well I think that man is a danger, frankly. If there's one thing I can't stand it's beardy, sanctimonious, patronising Americans in tartan trousers coming to England and trying to persuade us to turn it into a museum.

He wants the East End full of cheeky cockney chaps pushing wheelbarrows full of eels and he wants Northerners to be industrialists with big braces and blokes dying of the consumption... "morning Bill... I've got the consumption... it's traditional.alright"

Bill, if you're watching, ok. You won't be watching, obviously, because we're not talking about steam engines or longboats or bear-baiting but if you happen to have tuned in by mistake, we're not interested in the views of stupid Americans who come over with their big video cameras saying "gee I love your history it's just so old".... SOD OFF."

That is James May's rant from the 2004.10.31 episode. :thumbsup:
He actually says: SOD OFF! Allright?
But the "allright" isn't hearable because of the audience laughing and applauding ;) You can SEE that he says this, just saw that part yesterday :)
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