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My photo gallery.


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Jan 16, 2005
Redmond, WA
2008 BMW 535i Sport, 1990 Jeep Cherokee

(For some nice cars, check out the parkplace folder.)
All of the images were taken by me with my Canon S500. The gray Jeep is mine, the blue one is my friend Mer's. I might start a "friend's cars" section.
is it me or is the link weird :| i see a bunch of html and xml lines and numbers :?
yeah it works in firefox but not in IE
I think it has to do with setting the MIME type of the response
That may actually be a first on the Internet, I'm used to the opposite :)
hey electromage, u live in Seattle? :)
you should ditch IE anyway man, firefox runs circles around it any day :)
firefox didnt work out for me. loads incredibly slowly, consumes a lot of memo. im using avant browser, ie based, has a bunch of features, all the security stuff firefox is "famous" for, tabbed browsing etc, but its much faster and puts less load on my computer. ;)
I think IE does seem to load faster cuz most of it is already loaded with windows :roll:
I don't like the way firefox sorts favorites, so that was slowing me down having to browse though all of them instead of the "most used" list.

I ditched it because of that :lol:
hehe Don't tell MS I was recommending firefox anyway :roll:
I've been using Firefox for at least three years, back when it was Phoenix. Most of my computers are Linux anyway, so with Firefox I can standardize on a browser.
hahahahaha there is more talk about the script that appears than the photos on his site lol.........unlucky mate