Ownership Verified: My Porsche EV Wagen (2021 Taycan Cross Turismo 4S)

Ringing in 8000 miles 👍🏼

Always a joy to find out (sometimes the hard way) which parking lot blocks are safe to approach when parking, because they are NOT all made to a standard height 🤔

On an unrelated note, found free 240V outlets for use at a place I'm working, using my 240V outlet adapter on the mobile connector for the first time. Getting only 7.4 kW off the outlet but free level 2 charging is still free level 2 charging 👍🏼


Always a joy to find out (sometimes the hard way) which parking lot blocks are safe to approach when parking, because they are NOT all made to a standard height 🤔

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Oooooooooooof, can confirm this is a convincing argument against the pretty carbon bits down there. (Especially when the @#%@ curb is the same color as the $#^#!^$#! pavers.)
Sounds like a good excuse to drive it more! :D
I’m still flabbergasted by Tesla sticking with their bloody proprietary connector in the US… seems utterly insane to me.
Funny you say that, cut to the modern day and now Ford, GM and Rivian have officially signed on to adopt Tesla NACS plug format and Hyundai/Kia are also now considering it for their cars in NA.

On a different topic, custom puddle lights installed.
That's it, puddle lights have reached their peak. No more blurry Mustang logos or strange colours, that's a perfect projected image. It's all downhill from here.

Does it actually help identify puddles? :p
No. But they look very silly on grass, haha.

Are those under-door or in the mirror?

Planning my first road trip to Monterey Car Week, should be a fun and interesting challenge to get there in a timely fashion with a less than consistent CCS fast charging network.

Will share photos from said trip.

Sharing some of my raw data from my recent roadtrip from Southern California to Monterey, CA and back. Total miles driven, beginning and ending SoC between each charging session, miles driven between each drive session, efficiency states, kWH charged and associated charging costs (I still have my free 3 years of EA so technically all EA charging sessions were free but I still recorded the estimated pricing with the assumption I would have to pay) and created two estimated cost figures.


Some of my periods of worst efficiency reflected by the big difference between estimated range and actual recorded miles driven were specifically during my drives thru the mountains that divide the 5 freeway and 101 freeways closer to the coast and PCH.

What's also interesting is that much of my local driving around and about Monterey area I was matching or exceeding the estimate range figures driven during those stretches.

Predictably, continuous nonstop freeway driving with speeds ranging between 70-80 mph led to range losses averaging between 10-20% from estimated max range. These losses probably had AC use factored in as I had the windows closed most of the time while driving, as well as elevation changes and little chance for use of brake regen.


I was giggling at the high consumption but then I noticed it was kwh/100 miles and not kms.
Considering it's a large and quite powerful car that is very good...

Also, it seems prices are quite low for electricity, are these all DC fast charges?
In be and NL the price for fast (150 kw+) charging is like 0,70-0,90€/kwh, and you're paying a lot less : 18$ for 50 kwh = 0,36$ so that's very low.

Do you have a subscription or is this just what it costs ?

Also, yes, that car is absolutely lovely to look at.