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My Site Died...


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Dec 10, 2004
Can you believe this... I posted something earlier and my avatar and signatures weren't present so I go check my site and it tells me I've had excess bandwidth so it's dead... I think for the rest of the month... I knew I should have taken the more expensive option, then again, I haven't paid for it yet at all... Hmm... This sucks! :thumbsdown:
Oh thats sad. I remember clicking on it and looking at that picture you took of that Vantage last night. Could I have killed it :unsure:
you can try this :)
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Tried it before, right when they started it. Was BS...

What kind of traffic do you have per month, Krypton?
I got 8 gig on my site, and thats PLENTY... I usually stay below 1 gig...

Yeah, I was there last night and checked out the Vantage pic too. Seems anything with the Vantage is huge at the mo.

BTW, that Vantage picture was a great catch!! I can't believe you thought it was a DB9 though until you checked up with the AA. But given it's rarity and the likelihood of such a spotting, I guess we can forgive you. ;)
Ha, and you complained about never getting reasonable ammounts of traffic. The Jokes on you now. :lol: