My SL55 AMG and friend's GT2

Very nice car, is that a g class i spy in the background. You did'nt fancy going for the SL63 then.
If you read before, you'll know the G is also his friends ;)

Oh and an SL63 doesn't exist...yet.
Loving the SL's wheels... I can only imagine that GT2 is something from another world though :p
What SL63? It doesn't exist yet... rumour has it that the SL63 is not coming at all. Instead an SL69 (teehee) might be in the works. I don't remember where I saw that but the SL63 seems just as unlikely as the SLK63.

It's weird though that so many models have been upped from 55 to 63 but the poor 'flagship' SL hasn't gotten it.
SL63 will most likely come in 2009 with the rumored second face-lift...
Gorgeous car mate! :thumbup: I especially like the color, the same as my car! I've got to say though, I'm a bigger fan of your pals' 911 and G-Class. :tease: