Game: My Summer Car

Yeah, right after I wrote that post I noted the two little black nozzles aswell. Don't think you can use the shower, either.

Also, fuck.

I bought it, but my laptop can't run it at a decent FPD rate :(

Also, fuck me, it took me about an hour to get the van moving. :lol:
Posting to remember to look this up later.
The correct way to be a Finn, as shown by a Swede

Robbaz is awesome
I'm beginning to regret buying FS17 (which is crap!) And not buying this.....
It's very cheap...

It does however mean that rather than working on my actual shitty 1970s project car I'm working on a virtual shitty 1970s project car...

So far I've crashed the van and died, drunk vodka shots until unconscious, crashed the van again, dented the car multiple times as it falls off the jack, crashed the van again, and forgotten the camshaft during engine assembly.


The car currently has suspension and wheels and the engine is finished, I've pushed it in to the garage. It's taken a full in-game week to achieve this...
Went to pick up a mate from the pub in the middle of the night in the van. It started raining and i managed to slide into a tree and die. This is a survival simulator, no doubt about it. :D
You can pick up people/make friends?
You can pick up people/make friends?

Some bloke called me at 02:00 and wanted a ride. Never got to know if it's possible to pick him up since I crashed on my way there.
Started a new save, finally drove to town without dying, stocked up on beer and sausages, and made it back. Build up the entire engine on the bench, get it on the hoist.

Carefully, carefully move the engine to the car. Slowly slowly lower it in.

Need to move it back, an inch, do so. Swing around to check that this is correct, forgetting I'm still holding the hoist.

Swing engine into roof of car, break windscreen, crumple roof and drop engine.


This is pretty realistic.
This is the top speed of the van if anyone is curious. Anything over this and it starts to wobble and slide and you will crash and die.

How the FUCK do I screw the bolts of the main bearings?
I try clicking the toolbox but I only manage to open and close it... :(
Press 2 on the keyboard to enter toolmode, then you can pick spanners up and use them.
Started a new save, finally drove to town without dying, stocked up on beer and sausages, and made it back.

Me too! I'm so happy about it, it was like 5th attempt for me :D

Now I should have enough supplies to last me the car assembly.

Did you open the shopping bag in the cab of the van? Have fun picking all that up! I opened mine in the kitchen and stuff went everywhere... Then I put the milk in the fridge and left the rest of the floor. :lol:
Based on the specs, could a laptop with the latest Intel graphics play this?
I think if you'd tone the graphics down a bit, yes. It runs surprisingly good for what it is.

Does anyone else think the muscle car is extremly hard to drive? :D I don't have tested the G25 ingame so far, but it is a very hard task to keep it stable. I ended up in a bush. :lol:

I am still in love with this game.