Game: My Summer Car

Just played it again after this new patch. Just straight went into the pub and got drunk. Since when are the effects so sincere? :lol: I could barely walk ...

Don't even know what this guy wanted, he just insults you, tries to drive off when you urinate at him and hits your van, but when he has finally pushed it into the woods he just spins in circles as he can't control his car. :lol:
After I I got my 10 booze bottles from fleetari, I drank two boozes. I could hardly walk anywhere and kept blacking out waking up either in the back yard, the barn, or the house near yours. I had to restart because I wasn't getting sober. :D
I couldn't resist this any more, just bought it. Looking forward to the inevitable carnage. :lol:
If you value anything, turn off permadeath. It's on the drivers license thingy.
I tried it with permadeath on, started building the car and died on my first drive in to town. Then I tried again and crashed on the road after getting lost. :lol:

Building the car is fun though.
That guy can go DIAF. Good job.
In the same theme, I needed somewhere to empty the shit truck.


His car. Luckily he always has his windows open.
I got the engine built up yesterday, wasn't sure how that would go but I only made a couple of mistakes. I still had to look up the trick for getting the hoist to work though, glitchtastic. :lol:
I hate traffic.

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You dick of a pussy. I need to play this again!
My Summer Car

They've added the train and made it easier to flip vehicles when you roll. Unfortunately, the exhaust still falls off after a slight bump on the road.

You can now home brew and make Kilju!
I need to play this again. I built the car, started it but ran out of fuel and couldn't get it to start again after refilling so just ragequit and haven't played since.
I end up rage quitting when I die to avoid losing a vehicle on the map. So far, I haven't been able to drop the envelope off then go to fleetari to get the roll cage and racing belt put in without crashing somewhere between those places.
My Summer Car


He pays 160Mk's per bottle. Recipe I found said to use one packet of yeast and 5 or 6 sugars. No mention of how much water so I just filled the bucket up.
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I did some redecorating.

Well, this is possible. :lol:

So is this! :D

FINALLY! I've been waiting for a birgirpall iteration of this game. I'll have to wait until I get home to see it.