Game: My Summer Car

Here's the current changelog for the upcoming update...


...and some screenshots and video from the beta testers.
There's more since it came out yesterday.

-Fixed bug in handbrake that caused the inspection to fail every time
-Fixed problems with drinking and handling of Juice cans
-Fixed ODDITY with the Fleetari not being able to trigger his revenge, works now
-Made the duration much longer before Fleetari starts calling about his car
-Made a settings toggle for AI skidmarks
-Fixed unlimited sugar bug with Kilju bucket
-Fixed bug with passing out at the cottage
-Leveled the terrain at Peräjärvi and home pier to stop vehicles sliding into the lake
-Added moped (do not try to drive moped inside another vehicle, YOU WILL DIE)
-Added visual damage to Head Gasket to help diagnose destroyed Head Gasket
-Fixed issue with being able to drive Ferndale from rear seat
-Fixed a delay in fuelling process
-Fixed a bug where truck did not check the fuel level when starting the engine
-Added glovebox hatch and gas cap for Satsuma
-Fixed bug with steering wheel bolt referencing to distributor... don't ask :D
-Added more voice acting for Teimo
-Adjusted targeting of piss
-Added 2-stroke fuel to Teimo's shop
-Boat consumes fuel now
-Added more Achievements and made distinctive icons for permadeath-only Achievements
-Made swamp deeper right next to the rail tracks
-Fixed issue with Kilju bucket colliding with vehicles
-Changed Kilju bucket starting position to the cottage
-Drivers Licence allows now single letter last names
-Added towing hooks to that yellow bastard car (well just for fun!)
-Added (brought back) camera, photos go to your Windows "Pictures" folder
-Fixed issue with vehicles not colliding each other properly when being towed

Has it?
So uh... You can transport your bike in the boat.

Doing this really slows down the boat. Burned 3/4 of a tank going from home to town, to cabin.
So, apparently this guy sharts himself when he says this line. I'll let you guess where in the sentence he does it. You legit hear a *poot* sound. Having a subwoofer on the audio the shart has some bass to it. :lol:

So, beer truck hit the deer/moose animal. :-o

Since when are there animals in this game? :blink:
I need to play it again!
Finland M?n is petter triver th?n evripadi.
Finland M?n trive kantri road f?st.
If kams moose, tuu p?d.
Moose die.
Finland M?n eat.
Yeah, at night a moose runs across the highway randomly. It's rare.
Whatever the game is, people are gonna speedrun it!


Apparently, there's two moose?

is that a meese? or Moosen?


I am absolutely loving this game right now. Still have to win that new car and barn, and still have to have a fine big enough to get to jail. But I love getting blind through the fireworks, and watching "Topless Gun".

How can a game so simple be so catchy.

So, this is possible. :)

I see, you already became a millionaire through that briefcase. :lol:
No, I fiddled with MSCEditor.
Cheeky bastard! Go to work like any honest, drunk finn! :D
I may have hit the penis cop a little hard....

This was an NPC wandering around and he was on my side of the street. Why stop? :D He rode all the way home with me with a package of wheels in the van.