My try at squash cars...

these are just awesome!

after looking through all 18 pages, and went outside... i felt like all cars were stretch limos!

i should try making my own sometime, but i'm not known to be good at PSing =b

i made one! took me 2 hours and half ... the fitting in the wheels to the car is the hardest part! shrinking was the easy part...

i'm quite satisfied with my first try:
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Well this thread hasn't seen much action for a while, and I got the urge to have a go at this again.


And of course:


I realise there is another Sandero a couple of pages back, but didn't bother to check until I'd actually finished it. :roll:
Now this is a thread worth bringing back! I had forgotten about squash cars and how amusing they are. That Lambo looks fantastic!
So that's the real footage after the crash. :p
I forgot to reply to this thread, those look great, I was going to say that the Lambo is my favourite Squash, but now I'm not sure with Geoff and the BMW. Great work, can't be easy with angles like that.
Thanks for the nice comment. Yes, the BMW turned out better that I thought it would. It does lack some details (like door handles), but I don't think it makes a big difference, really.
I never noticed, you could've got away with that. :lol:
Heres a guy I saw who knows how to operate a welding machine better than photoshop.,


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Time to revive this epic thread. This is my first effort to squash a car in photoshop. And this car is exactly like the one I drive :D.

Don't know if they came from here or not - but I once saw some F1 squishes. They looked, umm, quite cute.