MyLife Trailer


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Sep 22, 2007
Melbourne, Australia
MyLife is a film being produced by the whole year 11 media class that I'm in, in which an iPhone application known as 'MyLife' begins to control people's lives. The application was originally designed only to play a 'soundtrack to your life', but now the application is dictating different scenarios by playing certain songs.

I was chosen as both Director and Editor for the film, and this is the trailer I've produced for it in the style of an iPod ad (this is also going to be the title sequence).
It was simple in theory to produce. We spent about an hour filming breakdancing in front of a green screen, and then using final cut I fixed up the image using the chroma key, applied the 'threshold' filter to the image and cut it all together.

I'm really happy with it, so I couldn't resist sharing it here.
The film is due for release around March, but I'll have it all done before the end of January, so I might post it here when it's ready.

Let me know what you think