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I love Mythbusters! :D

I have 20 episodes so far. ^_^
Mythbusters are great. Always enjoy watching their show. Very informative and interesting :) :thumbsup:
Ah, great! I saw a bad rip of the car one... Actually I also upped it on the FTP...

Been wondering if there are others... Gotta get some :thumbsup: thanks

I've just watched a few, it isn't as scientific as they try to make it, but pretty fun to watch. Someone save Buster!!!

Love how if they've proven something, they just go on till something brakes :)

Ow, and the Gobstoper one, that just scared me :cry:
I only have the car thing on the computer but watched some on TV, I like that show 8)
I actually might have all of them on my TiVo (if not all, a good portion of them), in somewhat decent quality. I might be able to make those available in some shape or form. Depends on the amount of free time I am going to have this week though :-\
I have 28 episodes on my TiVo, i'm copying them to my HD as we speak, I'll see what I can do for editing them down and getting them to ya :-D
Anyone catch the latest episode? They put golf ball like dimples in a car and got 3mpg better than they did with a smooth surface. Opinions?
I saw that and I'm very interested.

As far as they tested it, it just seemed to work perfectly.