NBA 2011-2012

But World Peace will be back for the first game, which could matter.

If the Lakers do end up against the Thunder it will be interesting to see what happens between Harden and World Peace.

I really do hope it's going to be Spurs and Thunder in the Western Conference Finals (my brother is a Lakers fan :p).
Congrats to LeBron James for winning his 3rd MVP. :)

James joins Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Michael Jordan, Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and Moses Malone as the only other three-time winners.

He is now truly among the very greats.

If it was me, I would've given it to Chris Paul because IMO he is most valuable to his team (last year the Clippers ended up 13th in the West, this year they ended up 5th ;)). Sure LeBron is a great player and the best in the world IMO, but his team already has D.Wade and Chris Bosh so he isn't as valuable to his team as Chris Paul is to his. :)

Also, game 7s in the Lakers/Nuggets and Clippers/Grizzlies series' should be epic. :D
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Also, game 7s in the Lakers/Nuggets and Clippers/Grizzlies series' should be epic. :D

This. LA is keeping things interesting. :lol:
Damn. East semis have nothing on the West semis this year (Heat vs. Pacers is obvious, but Philly might surprise Boston). Clippers vs. Spurs will be interesting but Lakers vs. Thunder will be like the finals, not even the conference finals, like the finals. :w00t:

Good for Philly for putting up a good fight last night, but I really wanna see a Heat vs. Celtics conference finals. :D
I bet you now all those Bosh haters are realizing just how important he is to this Heat team. If he doesn't come back for this series, they are in deep shit and will be beaten by the Pacers (unless D.Wade gets back on form). Just think how shit this Heat team is without "the big 3"; that's the problem I've had with this team ever since it was created. Because they lost Bosh, their "big men" are absolute shit and James had to even do the jump ball against the 7'2" Hibbert (and won :p). Hibbert is simply dominating them because they have shit big men.

If LeBron wants to win a championship (and I think he's the most hungry out of everyone because he had 2 chances and lost) he needs to join Dwight (who is also hungry; went to the finals once but lost to the Lakers in '09) wherever he goes (imagine Dwight + LeBron + D.Will on the Brooklyn Nets? :w00t:) because if you think about it, almost all the championship teams had great big men:

Last year's Mavs had Dirk + Chandler.
Lakers have Bynum + Gasol.
Spurs have Duncan (+ Robinson in '99).
Celtics have Garnett.
Heat had Shaq in '06.
Pistons had Rasheed and Ben Wallace in their prime ('04).
Lakers had Shaq for the three-peat in '00-'02.
Bulls in the 90's didn't really need great big men (although they had "decent" ones) because they had Jordan. :p
Rockets had Hakeem when they won their back-to-back in '94 and '95.
Lakers in the 80's had Kareem, Wilt in the 70's.
Celtics of the 60's had Bill Russell.


See? Championship teams need great big men. Bosh is pretty good, but even if he wasn't injured and they made the finals this year, OKC or the Spurs would take them out. I just hope LeBron realizes this and realizes who the biggest, baddest big man in the league is right now...;)
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Lakers needed to trade Pau 5 months ago. I can't believe how discombobulated this team is. I hope OKC wins it all, I will not stand for SA winning another title.
First Otis Smith and Stan van Gundy get fired and now this (again):

Report: Dwight Howard Still Wants the Orlando Magic to Trade Him

The departures of head coach Stan Van Gundy and GM Otis Smith are reportedly not enough to convince Dwight Howard is the right place for him to continue with his NBA career. He still wants out, per SheridanHoops: ?On the day coach Stan Van Gandy and general manager Otis Smith lost their jobs with the Magic, a source who has spoken with Howard recently said the All-Star center desperately wants to be traded prior to the start of next season. And although the Brooklyn Nets are still considered the frontrunner, ?it is not going to be a one-horse race,? the source said, listing the Mavericks, Knicks and ? to a lesser degree ? the Clippers and Lakers as among the destinations that would appeal to Howard. When the news first broke Monday that Van Gundy had been fired and Smith had agreed to leave, the knee-jerk reaction was to assume that Howard had won the power struggle, and the Magic would now empower him to have a say in who the new hires would be ? provided he agreed to sign a contract extension and commit to the Magic for the long term. But in fact, the source said, Howard wants out of Orlando more than he ever did before in order to start a new chapter of his career. And it is well-known throughout the league that the Magic do not want to endure another soap opera season like the one they just experienced. Orlando team executives are expected to meet soon with Howard as he recovers from the back surgery he underwent last month in California. If Howard tells them he wants out, they are expected to try to accomodate him and deal him to the highest bidder.?

I feel sorry for SVG for losing his job (not for Otis, though. He's an idiot) but this was the Magic's decision and the only thing they can do if they hope to keep Howard. There's still a chance Howard will stay in Orlando, but for him to sign a contract they will have to make some HUGE moves.

Although I hate it when an article says "sources say..." I do believe that he just wants to start fresh somewhere else and let all this "drama" in Orlando get behind him (and so do the Magic by getting a new GM and head coach).

Anyway, Spurs vs. OKC will be epic and I hope Boston can hold off Philly so we see a Celtics vs. Heat East Finals. :D
The Spurs are looking scary good right now. The true definition of TEAM basketball. They are just toying with OKC right now.
Yeah well that's what happens when you have the best coach in basketball. ;)

He just knows how to make his team win in any situation.

Gotta give credit to the Thunder for beating the Spurs though. Anyway, it looks like LeBron will finally get his first ring, well deserved considering the way he's been playing this year.
I know I'm probably a little biased, but the officiating in this series reminds me why the NBA is my 4th favorite league out of the big 4 sports.
I know I'm probably a little biased, but the officiating in this series reminds me why the NBA is my 4th favorite league out of the big 4 sports.

I bolded the key word. It's become a fucking tradition to have terrible officiating in the NBA.
Huge congrats for LeBron and former Raptor Chris Bosh for winning their 1st championship! :D

I also feel happy for Shane Battier for finally winning a championship after over a decade in the league (him and Mike Miller truly deserved it with their huge 3-point shots). :)
Congrats to the Heat!

Very happy for LeBron. He's had huge pressure put on him for the last two years but he managed to keep his head cool and it paid off in the end.

No congrats to the heat from me. Fuck them, fuck lebron, and most importantly, fuck David Stern. I'm going to have to boycott ESPN (aside from the euro 2012 matches) for the next couple of months because I know they're going to milk the shit out of this until football season starts.