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NBA 2011-2012



All you LeBron haters should STFU now. ;)

Why, because they won? Because all Kobe hatred stopped when he won one without Shaq, right? ;)

The fact is that LeBron has been cleaning up his act ever since The Decision, and I commend him for his accomplishments. Wade, on the other hand, has been getting away with absolute murder ever since the 2006 Finals, and it's made him less and less tolerable as time goes on.

At least that's my new reason for disliking the Heat.
D.Wade has gone way down production-wise ever since the "big 3" started. I think Chris Bosh is better than him now.
Wade himself even said he hasn't had the same type of productivity he's had in the years past.
Maybe it's because of his bad knee, which he said he might miss the Olympics because of it. Kobe had a knee problem, but had surgery during the lockout and was much better this season than last season.
I'm still bitter about the nixed CP3 trade due to "basketball reasons" then you have a team like the heat who make a momentous trade and Stern completely ignores his "basketball reasons" mantra.
Stern is a worthless sack of shit hated by literally everyone involved with the NBA?team owners/management teams, coaches, players, fans, and journalists. Can we please fire his incompetent, painfully biased ass already?
Great news for Lakers fans...they just signed Steve Nash. :D

Dwight Howard was skeptical about going to the Lakers because he didn't want people to think he was following Shaq's footsteps, but now I don't think he'll care about that anymore since they just got one of the best passers in the NBA. That would be an amazing "big 3" for the Lakers, but I can see one problem that will prevent Howard to go to the Lakers: salary cap...Still, if they really want to pull that off (they would probably have to get rid of both Bynum and Gasol) they probably probably have the management to do it.

Edit: Also, Nash is working on getting Grant Hill to the Lakers also, so with Hill and Howard on the team the starting roster would probably look like this:

PG: Steve Nash
SG: Kobe Bryant
SF: Metta World Peace (they would probably have to get rid of him also along with Bynum and Gasol and get someone cheaper and better)
PF: Grant Hill
-C: Dwight Howard
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A bit sad to see Nash leaving the Suns but they really need to start rebuilding. At least we got Dragic and Beasley to help with that.

Eric Gordon is also very close to becoming a Sun and he has already told the Hornets not to match the Suns' max-deal offer. All in all the Suns' (potential) starting lineup for next year is looking pretty good.

SF: Beasley
SG: Gordon
PG: Dragic
PF: Frye/Morris
C: Gortat
Great news for Lakers fans...they just signed Steve Nash. :D

That made my day, really. I've wanted him in purple and gold for years!
If the Magic are looking for the best return for Howard, they'll get it from the Lakers because they'll get Bynum and maybe even Gasol + some others. Orlando also has a good replacement for Gasol in Ryan Anderson. Ryan is a great 3 point shooter and rebounder so he will fill Gasol's role quite nicely.

If a trade went down (and I REALLY hope it does) it might look like this:

Lakers: Bynum (+ maybe Gasol) + some others >< Magic: Howard, Anderson and Turkoglu. :D

If that happens I will be really happy because my favourite player (Dwight) will finally have a team to contend for a championship, ditto with Steve Nash who really deserves a championship being almost 40 years old and being in the league as long as Kobe.

Imagine next year's Finals with that Laker team against the Heat...:w00t:
I don't see the Lakers swooping on Howard. As much as I would like it to happen, I just can't see it.
Didn't Howard state that the only place he wanted to play was Brooklyn? Altough he has changed his mind so many times that who knows. He's behaving like a spoilt brat TBH.
Just trade him somewhere, this whole situation is so ridiculous it's not even funny.
Lakers acquire D. Howard!!!!!!! wooo!