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Need a little help (allright a lot)


Aced mod training!
Mar 19, 2005
VW UP! Renault Clio
I thought I wanted to try this LFS-thingy, since you guys seem to have a lot of fun with it :) but I may need a few pointers :unsure:
Firstly I like driving games, but I'm rubbish at them, only game I'm good at is Speed Freaks :p
I have done some of the training exercises (some more succesfully than others) and so far I like it.
I only have the demo, because I'm a broke student and the semester just started so lots of expensive books :thumbsdown:
So my plan is to se if I'm any good and then buy it if I am 8)

So any advice :) ?

oh yeah, I don't have a wheel and can't affort one :(
Use mouse, I drive with mouse too, and practise alot, I'm sure there are some people willing to race you during the week on a demoserver ( I will if I have time) and it's basically a matter of practise and understanding the car.

If you can't handle the turbo.....don't worry, I can't either (at least not on full power, mouse is too simple)

Have fun!
Welcome to LFS. I hope you'll join our weekend races soon.

First of all you might want to read Jos beginner guide. Lots of important info there.

So here are my suggestions for beginners.

1) Get a decent setup. It makes all the difference between spinning like a maniac and being able to go in a straigt line.


Make sure to test different ones. They're all customised for personal liking so you might be rubbish with one while the other is just the way you like it.

2) Learn driving with mousesteer. Forget about automatic, go straigt to manual. Once you get it right the results are quite good. Just make sure to get the feel of it. Make tiny movements to correct your steering. Fast ones will make you spin.

3) Watch replays, lots of them. ESPNSTI has posted some a few months ago. I'm not sure if they're still there but you can get them from the site posted above as well.

4) Practise driving on Blackwood. IMO it's the best track for beginners. Lots of everything.

5) I learned driving with the XR GT which is rear wheel drive. In retrospective the XR GTI might have been the better choice since it's a lot more stable in corners.
Yeah lol, I forgot I made this huge FAQ for all the newbies haha

It's in my sig "Read me" it's called. :bangin: :mrgreen:

oh btw, Swek you messed up the GT and GTi, GT = RWD and GTi = FWD.
^^hehe, allready read that
Jostyrostelli said:
oh btw, Swek you messed up the GT and GTi, GT = RWD and GTi = FWD.

Shh, I just edited it. You had to tell the whole world ? :cry:
swek said:
Jostyrostelli said:
oh btw, Swek you messed up the GT and GTi, GT = RWD and GTi = FWD.

Shh, I just edited it. You had to tell the whole world ? :cry:

Hehe, I noticed that too, but I thought I was messing them up :p
The one line Swek should have added: Stick to one track and one car at the beginning.

And replays can be found on http://www.lfsworld.com/ under s2 hotlaps. Make sure to press F1 while watching, because its of no help if you can't see the cockpit view.
And make sure to enable the bars on the right bottom, which tell you how much and where the person has applied brake and gas...

Yeeeey...mgkdk is joining LFS... :woot: Now, I only have the demo, too, so I'll be more than glad to race you (or any other FinalGear members)- umm...probably in weekends because Monday-Friday=school....

Welcome and have fun. 8) :mrgreen:
Weeee, I finally did a lap without driving of the track, spinning or crashing :D 1.49.34
Anybody wanna race me :D I'm still not any good, but I can manage only to drive off once a lap :p

And maybe upload this to the proper place, can't do it myself.
Pic name: XFG_mgkdk 8)
If you really aren't good at driving games, BurnOut3 will make you feel better...whole point is the game is to crash into stuff and keep on going
I wanna be good, just haven't had the patience to get into those games, except the first GT some years back.
If you want to race I can set up a server. You might even beat me since I lost my LFS folder and my setups with it. :lol:
Yay :thumbsup: