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need help with my new website


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Feb 14, 2005
westport co.mayo ireland
volvo s 60 2.0T
hi guys

i need some help im building a new site (www.irishrallyvideos.com ) now ive done nothing to it yet. i am wondering what tools you use and what software i could use.

i need a main website and i want a fourm thinking of one like this?
i am hosting videos but i dont want every one downloading them maybe a login fuction????

any help would be greatfull

p.s i just know html
in order to run a forum directly on your site you're going to need PHP enabled and a MySQL database.

If you want a pre-made kind of thing, just try searching google for "free web templates" or something similiar. There's a lot of good free stuff out there.
thanks ive serched google but all i get is crap sites full of adds and then i have to pay for them thanks for advice tho it sort of worked