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Need new graphics card.


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Mar 21, 2004
I bought a couple of games which needed pixel shader. I dont have it cause I'm using a Dell OEM Geforce MX420 which is a POS. I want something new but not over the top. Reasonable price range. I'm thinking mainstream. 150USD Max. It should be able to play HL2. Which is a must.

Any recommendations?
I would buy the Radeon 9800 pro. It's the best compromise between performance and costs.
what about PNY GeForce FX 5500 128MB DDR PCI Graphics Card

anyone know anything about this card i could have got it for $80 a mounth ago but the price has gone up sence then it is at $120 now
the geforce FX series uses DirectX 8.1 instead of 9.0.
so a buy a card that does DirectX 9.0 since it has better quality.
besides, ATI cards outperform nVidia cards on DirectX almost anytime.
So you definately want an ATi card...
and for $150 you can get a 9800 pro...
just get one with a 256bit memorybus, its way faster than one with an 128bit bus.
9800 Pro vote as well. However, do you still use your Dell case and power supply? If so, your PSU is probably not powerful enough to run your new card. This was the issue I had and instead of cutting a hole in my case for a bigger and normal sized PSU, I just built a new computer.
9800 PRO.

I have only a 200Watt Power supply (they recommend 300) but had no probs so, give it a go with your stock one before buying a new one.
Yeah, it ran on my Dell PSU as well, but it's not advised. You can get under powered components which can lead to instability.
I'll put in another vote for the 9800 Pro. :)

I just built a computer for my brother with it in it, and so far I've been really impressed.
is the ATI Radeon 9800 pro a dual moniter card?

Also very important for me can i get it in PCI not AGP (I have no AGP slots sucks for me)
Yeah. It has a analog out, a digital out, and a S-Video out. You can't run 3 things off of it though. It comes with a digital to analog converter and I'm running two CRT's on mine right now. :)

The All-In-Wonder version only has digital out and S-Video out.
The analog out is the 15 pin (VGA) right?
What is the digital out look like?
Andrew911tt said:
is the ATI Radeon 9800 pro a dual moniter card?

Also very important for me can i get it in PCI not AGP (I have no AGP slots sucks for me)
that limits your options very much...
ATI doesnt have anything on PCI above the Radeon 9600, and even that one is very rare... i think i should advise an ATI 9000 then... or an 9200 though the 9000 is better. Or perhaps there's a nVidia geforce 4 - 4200 pci somewhere... though im not sure.
Anyhow: dont get the FX5200, its rubbish!

swek said:

From Left to Right: VGA - SVGA - DVI (Digital-Out)
thats definately AGP... but you probabely allready knew that anyway.
Andrew911tt said:
i wish i had a AGP slot :cry: :cry: :cry:
perhaps you can buy another motherboard with an AGP slot... it doesnt need to be that expensive.
or do you have one of those small pc thingies...

"barebone" or "shuttle" or something like that?
emachines brand computer no real mother board becasue almost everything is onboard
:lol: Ouch. Sounds like it's time to build a new computer and not buy a cheapo eMachines. ;)