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Need some help with a song....[PS3 Gran Turismo 5 Demo Vid]

GT4 With lots of other cars!
it could be the game in early developement. im hoping. otherwise i see no need for a PS3.

"Rise and Fall, Rise and Fall" is said alot if that helps.
nutty said:
GT4 With lots of other cars!

i just noticed that!! Thats very cool, not just 6 cars now a field to advance past. Im sure they'll be able to do more but in terms of graphics it looks the same.
When creating a new game, you take what you have (GT4), improve the engine and how it works, then you do the graphics. You never do graphics first when creating a game.
Yes I did, but there are f1 cars in gt3/4 too :)
I think it's just GT4, with more stuff. Since they're stressing the ps2 to the max with GT4, verything just looked the little bit cleaner.