Nemesis - IceBone's new rig

Interesting note. If you change a radiator fan and then fire up the furmark 4k gpu stress test to see how well it performs, on a z97, 4790k, GTX1080, 32GB ram, 1HDD, 1SSD, dual AIO cooled system with 2 23" screens, a 1100VA (770W) UPS will crap its pants.
That is why I won't use that case, or anything from NZXT really. It makes no sense to me to have a spot for a radiator and not enough area to pull air from.

To be fair, the case would have worked brilliantly with just a couple of fans for intake in the front, and a 120 or 140 rad for the CPU exhausting out the top, and an exhaust fan in the rear. However I got a dual-fan rad, so it had to go in the front half due to poor planning on my part, and half due to "why the heck wouldn't they put a double-sized grill on the top for dual-fan rads on the top?".
That just makes my argument.
The Corsair 600T I use has room for a double 120 or single 200 at the top, single 200 at the front and single 120 at the back. If I went with a custom loop, I don't think I'd be able to do it with a single radiator, but luckily 200mm rads do exist.
Oh hey, forums are still a thing. There's been an update to the computer of Theseus. Or several, really.

At first, gone was the 1080, replaced with a Zotac 3070ti with a regular air cooler.
Then the rest of the components: CPU to intel 10700k with motherboard and ram to go along with it. Ditched the AIO on the CPU for a Noctua NH-D15 something something, so no more water, only heatsinks and fans.
Latest upgrade is the case to a Fractal North and a new custom 3D printed shroud for the GPU to get rid of the buzzing fan noise (which worked).

At this point, the only component from the original build is the power supply, still going strong.


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