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New Austin Healey


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Jan 11, 2005
Brisbane, Australia
New 'Austin Healey' on the cards
A car-mad professor who has worked with some of the biggest names in motoring has designed a vehicle that he hopes will be a 'spritual successor' to the iconic Austin Healey.

Professor Krish Baskar, who formerly led the Triple A bid for MG Rover, is currently looking for a partner to put the car (codenamed Project Tempest) into production.

The basic package would start at ?25,000 - not bad for a car that promises a 0-60mph time of less than five seconds and an electronically limited top speed of 155mph.

For obvious trademark reasons, Baskar can't confirm or deny the inspiration behind the Tempest, but the fact that it looks like an updated Austin Healey 3000 cannot be just a coincidence...

The car is insane. Just look at the front. It's even grinding it's teeth !

Apart from that it looks remarkably similar to the Solstice.
Thats good value for money! Could give things like a VX220T a run for its money...would look good in black with tan leather. Dont know how a modern day Austin handles though :|
So would the factory tuner version be called Austin Power(s)? :lol:
That is teh hawtness :woot:
It looks nice, but if it?s going to be made in the UK then it may well come to nothing. A few years ago, AC launched the AC Ecosse.

AC Ecosse. We visited the former factory site earlier this year and scratched the surface of an amazing story. As the sun set on AC, it was on the verge of launching a car which, given the right backing, could have beaten the Toyota MR2 at its own game. It was called Ecosse.

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Looks awesome. Have they updated the blown radiator hoses and leaking roof as well? :p