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New Avatar


Chicken Nugget Connoisseur
Sep 21, 2003
Portland, Oregon
2008 Dodge Viper, 2006 MB CLS55 AMG
Ooo, so purdy! :D

Ganked it outta someone's sig on my clan's forum. :twisted:

A little wide, but it'll do. :)
Very nice! thats some smoooooth cornering from our little Norwegian friend :)
I'm suprised you switched from the Viper avatar. :shock:
Yeah, but this one was just soooo cool! :D

I think I'll switch back soon though.
Yeah. Fits me better even though that WRC one owns so much! :D
yeah ESPNSTI have it as ur sig cuz ur sig is a bit plain. it would compliment ur own STI avatar. :wink: (imo)
^^ NO! I was hoping since you had a wide one, it was ok for me to have one too :lol: .
Now you've ruined my chances :cry: :lol: .
Hehe sorry, Viper PM-ed me a few days ago to resize it but forgot to do it.. :wink:

But since we are doing this together...Daniel and muumipeikko should change it too..or else I will change it back...and bigger! :twisted: :mrgreen:
And ESPNSTI too!
I agree, this post might belong in the "Site suggestion" thread, but since we're talking about it now....

As we get more and more members, sigs and avatars can become a pain to monitor - I think Viper should establish (if they aren't already, I really don't know :oops: ) rules pertaining to sig and avatar dimensions, as well as a max filesize for the two together. That way we avoid having people (JUSTIN!! :p :lol: ) with really big sigs/avatars.