New Azureus Vuze Issues


New Member
Dec 3, 2011
I have been using azureus for roughly 6 years, running on a way older version than this new one. My computer I was using since 2002 finally kicked the bucket. Now that I have my new computer I went to download azureus again and had to download the updated version. With the old version I could simply type in Sons of Anarchy for example and hundreds of relevant results would come up and I had it searching about 10 different sites. This new azureus vuze gives me far less results, non are relevant, and only is searching 3 sites. I use azureus to download movies and tv shows. What am I missing? Why aren't the results anything like they were before? Thanks for your time
I haven't used Vuze in a while, but, I remember there were options for you to add in additional search sites. There were some default ones you could just check mark. Also, you could manually create your own template, but, it was pretty freakin' complicated. I'm sure there's stuff (how to's, plugins, add-ons) out there.
I'm using uTorrent. I visit the sites, BTJunkie and The Pirate Bay, and search from there. I mostly use BTJunkie because there are user rankings to kinda help steer away from fakes/viruses. Also, by default, the search results brings the results with the most seeds to the top so you're more likely to have a fast download...hopefully.