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New BCNR33 shots from today *big res 1024 waring*


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May 26, 2004
hong kong
hold on uploading =P


i couldnt be botheredto blur the no. plates and my family. if u see us dont disturb us, or i will beat u with a bat.

also wanted the car to be on full lock but the we turned to car off already so couldnt be bothered to turn it back on.
1st off apologies but dont wanna be asked for wallpaper sizes. special requests can be done i guess =.="

enjoy "e-props" and comments please i expect the same amount of comments as views.

btw whats the quickest way to resize photos coz i took all these with 7.2 megapixels and they massive and took me 30 mins to resize them all.



jasonchiu said:
i dont mind, as long as renesis stop ruins threads or locking em or geting so frickin high e-whatever the fuck he takes

Great, then I'm locking this one (since it's gone OT and we finally fixed the problem) and let's have a fresh start. :)

EDIT: Just to make you happy, I'll do even better, I'll split the good part of it, and only ditch the bitching parts.

I hit the wrong button while splitting it...

ah well, anyway 95% of it was bitching I had to remove. Atleast it's still intact.
no no, the original is still in the right section :roll:

besides, the crap part was intended to be moved there, it's just that I hit "split from selected post" instead of "split selected posts"
Don't come and tell me you never hit the wrong button! :lol:

BTW let's not go OT again, I don't want to have to do another cleanup... :bangin:

Nice pics, the car looks great in white, is there a lot of km's on it?

You should try some closeups next time :)
very nice pics jason... not sure if its your new camera or your photography skills gone better... but it has improved ALOT :thumbsup:
Jostyrostelli said:
the roads there look like shit.
:? you need to get out more, those are beautiful roads.

Nice pics, the R33 isn't my favorite, but you did well.