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New BMW Williams F1 car revealed


If Montoya knew about that prototype, he wouldn't have left. :mrgreen:
Gee thanks :D
Too late though, read it already :bangin:
Unless there are a few other people that are lazy as well :unsure:
Care to name a few? :lol:

EDIT: oh, and the car, if you can call it that way, is really funny.
I edited his post.

WTF is that fake? I sure hope so, but it doesn't really look fake :?
hehe... I actually bothered wasting my time copy and pasting... right before raider posted the link :lol:
"Williams F1 Team worked with Britain's foremost garden tractor manufacturer..."


reminds me of the days when Honda used to use their F1 engine manufacture to help sell their lawnmowers

Edit: Just read the 'features' - ROFL!!
the 3 sec is to go from 0-6 :lol: