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New Evo-mag 1.7.05 inside (no scans)


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Jan 22, 2004

World exclusive this month as the magazine compares the Zonda F, Porsche Carrera GT and the technology-laden Ferrari F430 - the three best supercars money can buy, tested high up in the Italian Dolomites on some quite extraordinary roads. Also this month: BBR's 160mph MINI, DB9 versus Vanquish S, Mazda's new MX-5 and all the usual regulars. On Sale now.

014 Planet evo
Lotus unveils its 'Circuit Car', an Elise-based successor to the track-oriented 340R; Ferrari announces the FXX, a very limited edition 800bhp hyper-Enzo; we get our first look at the Impreza's new face, and Porsche-modifier 9ff reveals the most radical 911 since Porsche's own GT1. Plus, the N?rburgring lap record on Gran Turismo 4 has been lowered again...

040 Driven
Lotus Sport Exige 240R, Porsche Carrera 4S, BMW M3 CS, Chrysler 300C SRT-8, Aston Martin DB9 Volante, Saab Sport Wagon Aero, SEAT Leon 2.0 TFSI, Citro?n C1/107/Aygo, Audi A8 4.2 TDI Quattro, Fiat Stilo Schumacher GP, Lexus RX400h

065 Letters
Insurance woes, bird strikes, praise for fair reporting and technical editor Jeff Daniels is taken to task over his explanation for high-profile tyres in Formula 1

070 Porsche Cayman
Poor man's 911, rich man's Boxster or a distinctly different new Porsche? We get up close and personal with the new Cayman coupe, on sale in the UK from November, and get our first on-road impressions durability-testing in South Africa

082 Supercar shoot-out
Which is the best supercar you can buy today? Is it Porsche's sublime V10 Carrera GT, Pagani's new 602bhp V12 Zonda F (driven here first in a world-wide exclusive), or could it possibly be a 'junior' supercar, the remarkable, technology-laden Ferrari F430? High up in the Italian Dolomites, on some quite extraordinary roads, Richard Meaden goes searching for the ultimate answer to the ultimate question. All you have to do is enjoy the ride

107 Complete Guide to the N?rburgring Nordschleife
All you need to know about The Nordschleife, the world's most demanding race/test-track-cum-toll-road - how to get there, where to stay, what to see, what to do and, of course, how to string a good lap together. Plus, we hitch a ride in an M5 with BMW Williams F1's rising star, Nick Heidfeld, and Jethro Bovingdon (who's never driven the circuit) sets out to build a car capable of an 8min lap

126 New Mazda MX-5
We finally get behind the wheel of the long-awaited, all-new MX-5... and, after a blast around Hawaii, discover that it's not quite what we were expecting

132 DB9 versus Vanquish S
A six-speed manual gearbox and chassis tweaks ought to make the effortlessly handsome but under-achieving DB9 much more desirable. Jethro Bovingdon discovers if he should cancel his order for a Vanquish S

150 BBR Mini Cooper S
If you dismiss all Minis as girls' cars, you'd better hope you never meet this one. It's got 307bhp, and it knows how to use it. We take Brodie Brittain Racing's turbocharged tearway out on the roads then off to the test track to find out precisely 'what she'll do'. How about 160mph...

158 Long-term tests
We say hello to an autographed Renault M?gane Trophy and farewell to the Brabus Smart Roadster, Meaden and Green venture to the N?rburgring in the Exige and Caterham, and Barker bonds with his Monaro at Donington

179 The Knowledge
Lies, damned lies and statistics. Or, as we prefer to describe it, The Knowledge: your indispensable guide to what's hot and what's grot

210 Best Day of My Life
Designer Ian Callum describes the tension and elation of the day the Aston Martin DB7 was unveiled at the Geneva motor show.
So, you advertise for the Mag?

Well there is plenty of interesting stuff in those links, if you bothered to check?

And no, this is no ad, i do subscribe the mag, but you buying it, does not give anything for me.
inso said:
Well there is plenty of interesting stuff in those links, if you bothered to check?

And no, this is no ad, i do subscribe the mag, but you buying it, does not give anything for me.

Man, chill out, I just wanted you point out the reason for your post...

Anyway, finally they got a Zonda F to properly test and not only the "Zonda F nightesting piece from last issue...