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New Heico HS4 ODIN Volvo S40


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Jul 20, 2005
I've posted more pics below!


"Your car is more" is the motto of the 38th Essen Motor Show. HEICO SPORTIV from Weiterstadt, Germany, will be celebrating the tenth anniversary of its formation at this year's international trade fair for tuning, racing and classics and, for the first time, will also be presenting its own specially designed ConceptCar. Besides the HEICO HS4 ODIN, the Volvo specialist will also be unveiling the XC90 in new dress and a fully refurbished Volvo V70.

"ODIN, the most exalted god of the Vikings, stands for mental and spiritual stimulation, energy, excitement and enthusiasm."

For 10 years, the HEICO SPORTIV badge has borne the Viking helmet, symbolizing the company's ties with Sweden, the carmaker's country of origin. What could be more fitting than this emblem for HEICO's first-ever concept car, the HEICO HS4 ODIN. Its engineers, who modelled the vehicle on the S40 T5 and have developed one of the sportiest Volvos ever built. We had just one goal in mind during ODIN's design: driving dynamism!

What better words than "driving dynamism" could be used to describe the 260 kW / 354 bhp and 500 Nm torque? The heart of the vehicle consists of a modified 5-cylinder in-line engine borrowed from the sporty S60/V70R series. But in the lighter HS4 ODIN, with a curb weight of around 1.250 kg, this manifests itself in an awe-inspiring performance of 275 kph top speed and 0-100 kph in under 5.5 seconds. This is only possible thanks to extensive measures such as an enlarged, adapted turbo charger, modified HEICO SPORTIV power upgrade and a 3" stainless steel exhaust system including a sports catalytic converter and down pipe, carbon fiber air box and a high capacity intercooler. For slip-free transmission of this phenomenal power to the front wheels, the HEICO SPORTIV technicians installed a limited-slip differential with variable locking action.

A high performance brake system with four-piston fixed calipers, in characteristic HEICO blue, provides for top deceleration and stability. Ventilated 320 mm "Power Disks" brake disks, and special brake pads complement the high performance brake kit, ensuring an invigorating taming of the engine power by the braking system. The outcome: substantially shorter braking distances and much better driving safety.

The entire chassis had to be redesigned to accommodate these high performance values. The McPherson front axle and multi-link rear suspension have been fitted with more aggressive bushings and augmented with level control sports suspension and stronger sway bars.

The specially designed sports suspension of the HS4 ODIN is persuasive with its precise steering characteristics, unbeatable handling agility and neutral feeling. These "new dynamics" are supported by a broader track and a specially developed welded safety cage which improves the rigidity of the chassis by around 60 percent.

A roughly 50 mm wider body and redesigned front and rear skirts (including carbon diffuser) improve the vehicle's aerodynamic qualities and flow of cool air to the engine and brakes, while the matt-blue HS4 ODIN emanates power. The carbon fiber rear deck lid serves as a spoiler (offering downforce, but very little drag). Brawny 8.5x20 (ET 49) VOLUTION V. wheels add the perfect finish to the body lines and 245/35R20 Continental SportContact2 tires have been mounted to provide for perfect road grip and traction.

A novel technical innovation is also making its market debut in the form of new cornering lights. When traveling with dipped beam at speeds of up to 40 kph, the supplementary headlamps integrated into the front spoiler are automatically activated without delay by a gyroscopic sensor or when the indicators are used. The right-hand or left-hand headlamp is switched on accordingly. An additional benefit of the supplementary headlamps is that they have also been approved as fog lights.

To avoid being outdone by the exterior accessories, the interior is also brimming with innovative ideas and high technology. In addition to the aforementioned safety cage, the inside dazzles with an elegant, alluring combination of metal (aluminum foot pedals, foot rest, door pin set and stainless steel for the illuminated entrance trim) and two-color leather interior. The hides envelop the molded sports seats, door paneling, the racing styled sports steering wheel and the redesigned center console. Cameras installed in the front and rear skirts facilitate parking the HS4 ODIN. A 5.8" color monitor integrated into the central console shows the area in front of the vehicle and another image is projected in the 4" LCD display of the interior mirror when reverse parking. The HS4 ODIN is brought to life by an internally lit starter button integrated into the gear shift lever.

The HEICO HS4 ODIN is a prototype which will be ready for the road and be produced in a small, limited series, given adequate demand. Its market launch is scheduled for late 2006.

For leisure time or every day use, long distance driving or the racing track, as an SUV or passenger vehicle -
no contradiction! The HEICO SPORTIV product range for the XC90 and V70 models.

The HEICO HS9, based on the XC90 V8, will also be unveiled in a new look, with the fully overhauled body kit making its first stage appearance. Meticulously designed front and rear skirts provide for that characteristic HEICO look and an unforgettable presentation of the 315 bhp vehicle. The newly designed three-part front skirt adds a nice sporty finish to the car as well as accommodating an optional cornering light system. The front view is perfectly finished by the HEICO SPORTIV front sport grill, while the rear view is dominated by the stainless steel exhaust pipes, framed snuggly by an integrated metal mesh, also in a three piece rear skirt.

The 4.4-liter-V8 is complemented with a sports air filter offering up to 40% more airflow, twin outlet exhaust system in "left-right look" (including front muffler for that classic "V8 rumble"), sports suspension (lowered by approximately 30 mm and with a firmer adjustment), 8.5x20 inch VOLUTION V. wheel set (including spacer set and 275/40R20 Continental SportContact2 tires), sports brake system (six-piston fixed calipers, 355mm brake disk diameter) and interior details such as aluminum door pin set, aluminum foot pedals, aluminum foot rest, stainless steel entrance trim and finest quality velour floor mats.

Also being presented in its full attire is the HEICO HS7, based on the V70 D5. After undergoing HEICO SPORTIV power upgrade, the newly overhauled 2.5 liter diesel engine now generates 154 kW / 210 bhp and 460 Nm torque. The power upgrade - developed specifically to fit vehicles with sooty particle filter and fulfilling rigorous exhaust standards - propels the family speedster from 0 to 100 kph (0 top 60 mph) in just 7.5 seconds, with this phenomenal thrust first yielding at a top speed of 229 kph. Other optional extras include sport air filter, twin outlet exhaust system, sports brake system, front sport grill, front spoiler, 8x18" VOLUTION X. ("ten") or 8x19" VOLUTION V. ("five") wheels, interior accessories and a new entertainment system.

With over 260 products, HEICO SPORTIV is the world's leading supplier of tuning products and services for the premium brand Volvo. The company has been certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2000. Sales in Germany are handled by the authorized Volvo dealership network and internationally by 26 fixed export partners. All products have a 36-month guarantee and have been approved under Section 19 StVZO and ABE.
it doesnt weigh much, and is very powerful, but it still very much slower than the last M3. and the front spoiler looks a bit awkward, but aggressiveness in this car is always a good thing. i agree with Pdanev about the Evolve looking better though.
andyhui01 said:
I don't like it at all... it doesn't look like a real volvo :(

There's no such thing as a real Volvo, anymore.
What a silly name. I can just imagine at a party..

Random person: So, what car do you drive?

You: Well, I drive a HEICO HS4 ODIN Volvo....., where are you going??
ATsucks said:
I'd pick this over an M3 anyday

QFT. I love the aggresivness of this S40. The wheels are super hot also.

In the infamous words of JC: "its less embarressing than an M3" :mrgreen:
hehe, because of my signature banner? I might possibly be a little biased based on my enthusiasm but the M3 is too raw a car in my opinion
ATsucks said:
hehe, because of my signature banner? I might possibly be a little biased based on my enthusiasm but the M3 is too raw a car in my opinion

Whereas raw is no problem for me - see avatar.
ATsucks said:
I'd pick this over an M3 anyday

I would love to support you being a Volvo enthusiast and stuff... but I really can't, if you compare that with a M3, I'll take the M3, but if you compare it with the Volvo S60 R, its another story :D
I'm not comparing them, I wouldnt want to own an M3 because its an M3, nothing against BMW, God knows I would kill for an M6, but the M3 like I said was too raw, when I took a ride in one, sure the speed blew me away, but I dunno, not for me/
andyhui01 said:
I don't like it at all... it doesn't look like a real volvo :(
it reminds me too much of an evo because of the headlights and the hood :(
not that i dont like the evo, but wuts the point of getting a car that looks like an evo when u can just get an evo....

Evolve volvos are 100X nicer
I dont like the Evolve kits up to now, the lower vents on the S60 are toooo huge and the S40 looks tacky
QFT = quoted for truth

You can compare this S40 with an M3 because it happens to have the S60R engine in it...... in a lighter shell i might add. But if you want to talk stock vs. stock, then yes you would compare the M3 with the S60R.

Just for the record, I <3 Volvos.