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New kind of suspension by BOSE


I paid for this title
Jun 9, 2004
yeah i've heard about it

pretty much the same as volvo has in the S60R
Volvo has McPherson struts in suspension. With coils and antiroll bars. So it's pretty ordinary. This handles everything via computer. One thing is to adjust hardness of shocks, and another to adjust movement of the whole body.
Yeah, saw this a while back on another forum.
Yeah, they had this in the Corvette 50th Anniversary. I dunno, it seems like it robs the driver of the feel of the road. I already hate driving my Dad's Lumina since the powers teering is extremely soft and so is the suspension. YOu don't feel any bumps or anything and I dun like that. I'd really like to feel the road conditions and all and know what I'm driving over.
You miss the point. I doesn't have to be soft, it doesn't have to be hard. Push the button - change the program. It can absorb small bumps and don't start bouncing, but keeps the car completely straight when cornering for example. And because stiffness can be controlled real-time and really fast, with couple of sensors possibilities are unlimited. You wanna feel the bumps? That's not a problem. If this "electromagnetic motor" they use is fast enough it glide in straight line and corner like cart. Or other way around. It's a software problem from this point.
Everyone else uses some kind of hydralics or air pressurized setup i think... That's why I was so excited about this :)
i prefer hydraulics, they're honest, you know what to expect

in fact, i prefer anything mechanical above electronical
Lol, you're brainwashed by Clarkson :)

And I agree to the point. Mechanical is more fun, while in low speeds anyway.
But still, it's not some ESP or safety feature we're talking about.. It doesn't do your job, it does what suspension suppose to be doing, it's just unachievable with ordinary coils and shocks. With too soft suspension car will roll, with too hard it will be unstable, with this it can be whatever it needs to be at the moment.
it uses only one third the amount of power your AC does
Considering the AC uses a lot of power, I wonder what impact that will have on performance.
hah. cornering at 120km/h, fine. no problem. turn on the a/c the car under and oversteers and you go into the ditch. i can see it now.